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a person who makes or sells candles

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Meet the blacksmith, candlemaker, woodworker, and others who demonstrate 18th- and 19th-century skills.
(43) For example, see Bastiat's famous parables such "The Broken Window Fallacy" and "The Candlemaker's Petition." Bastiat's strictly minarchist emphasis on the protection of life, liberty, and property were the basis for his economic views, and were profoundly influential on later generations of free-market advocates, such as the strongly anti-statist Austrian school.
Elijah Evansy, a candlemaker who sold his crafts at the Saturday Market, died suddenly on Nov.
Maria, Colin's mother, developed the breeding side of the business in 1969 and they eventually produced the like of Bellini, Jingling Star, Laugh Lines, Seagulls, Candlemaker, Wepickum, Star Decision and dual Olympic winner House Hunter.
Born in Boston, the 10th son of a candlemaker, he made his way at 17 to the biggest colonial city, Philadelphia, and was very much at home in London and Paris during his nearly 25 years of diplomacy in those cities.
The candlemaker to the stars, she hand-pours the highest-quality wax, uses lead-free wicks, and adds complex essential oil blends to each candle.
When our children get to an age when they ask why we chose their name for them, we owe them a better answer than, "That was the Super Bowl MVP the year you were born," or "There was this popular TV show called Friends and Chandler was really funny." (FYI, Chandler means "candlemaker," and St.
On August 9 and 10, Bede's World in Jarrow will become home to a candlemaker, who will show people how to make candles and traditional beehives, while wearing authentic Anglo-Saxon costume.
Read Ben Franklin's Autobiography, and you'll see that out of a family of seventeen in a candlemaker's house, Franklin is putting himself, at the age of twelve, through a curriculum that Harvard wouldn't dream of imposing on its freshmen, and furthermore he's working sixty hours a week while doing it!
In terms of jobs, they embrace wholeheartedly what's known as the candlemaker fallacy: One must oppose electric lighting because it will put candlemakers out of business.
Parents taught their own trade to their children or sent them to the home of the tailor or candlemaker to apprentice in a preferred vocation.
(152.) John Pomfret, Trade Deal Brings Renewed Light to a Chinese Candlemaker, WASH.
Local artisans -- the glover, candlemaker, saddler and the like -- could not always sell their goods even though prices had dropped.
82 The bill submitted by the candlemaker Jeanne Magoullet shows that she furnished candles for eighteen rehearsals.