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a person who makes or sells candles

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Now, the fiery candlemaker must fight to preserve the legacy of the Christmas Candle.
The reason for their popularity with vegans and animal-rights activists, says the 28-year-old candlemaker, is that they are cruelty-free (no animal fat) and safe for those with allergies and asthma because they're soot-free.
If this provision is adopted, it would give traditional producers a veto over innovative competitors, the moral equivalent of letting candlemakers prevent the introduction of electric lighting.
Bob Young's Fair Reward finished fifth in the 1980 Olympic and was runner-up for the following year's Regency, while Gunner Smith's Candlemaker was sixth and fifth in the 1981 Olympic and 1982 Regency respectively.
Lampe Berger, maker of room fragrance lamps, has purchased French designer candlemaker Point a la Ligne.
Singles like Tripped Up and Candlemaker made their name but now they will be relying on fresh material to win over new fans.
There is a bronze sculpture of Bobby at the corner of George IV Bridge and Candlemaker Row.
Meanwhile, candlemaker Alison Banton gave up half of her business in return for EUR32,500 from the dragons.
Mr Thompson, 62, a candlemaker of Nentsberry, near Alston, is hoping to gather support before he submits his plans to Eden Valley District Council's planning department.
The Clueless star plays Dee Dee, a professional candlemaker and former wild child who returns to her hometown to find a suitable home for her 12-year-old son after she discovers she is dying of cancer.
Tory councillor Mr Ponton was not at the bar in Candlemaker Row when police made a spot check on Friday night.
Before chef Qun Tang opened Tang's on Edinburgh's Candlemaker Row, it had been a Thai, a Mexican and a Moroccan restaurant.
His house in Candlemaker Row overlooks the kirkyard and he was suspicious when he saw the teenagers larking about.
Now Tom, who opened his pub in Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, in June, is set to take legal action.