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Synonyms for candlelight

the light provided by a burning candle

References in classic literature ?
And there they would eat what they had to eat, and afterward, because there was only their misery to talk of, they would crawl into bed and fall into a stupor and never stir until it was time to get up again, and dress by candlelight, and go back to the machines.
The captain looked at Pierre by the candlelight and was evidently struck by the troubled expression on his companion's face.
There were rays of candlelight from one of them, and there was the sound of a footstep going about.
The rush of the daylight quite confounded me, and made me feel as if I had been in the candlelight of the strange room many hours.
Several persons were visible by the shaded candlelight, in the death chamber of the old clergyman.
It appears a neat job, however, as far as I could judge by candlelight, and does my friend Christopher Jackson credit.
Lucy, when admonished, began to move to and fro between the rooms, more conscious of the discomforts of packing by candlelight than of a subtler ill.