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Synonyms for candlelight

the light provided by a burning candle

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"And it isn't candlelight: it's daylight!" Sylvie added, giving the swing a push of extra vigour, which nearly took the whole machine off its balance.
The rush of the daylight quite confounded me, and made me feel as if I had been in the candlelight of the strange room many hours.
Several persons were visible by the shaded candlelight, in the death chamber of the old clergyman.
It appears a neat job, however, as far as I could judge by candlelight, and does my friend Christopher Jackson credit." And then he would have changed the subject, and sipped his coffee in peace over domestic matters of a calmer hue; but Mr.
Lucy, when admonished, began to move to and fro between the rooms, more conscious of the discomforts of packing by candlelight than of a subtler ill.
A country life and breeding had preserved in them all a look which Mary hesitated to call either innocent or youthful, as she compared them, now sitting round in an oval, softly illuminated by candlelight; and yet it was something of the kind, yes, even in the case of the Rector himself.
Similarly, if the two clever ones had agreed to murder Little Dorrit by candlelight, Mrs Affery, being required to hold the candle, would no doubt have done it.
'Oh, you naughty man--but really, if their complexions were a little better, don't you think they would be nice-looking girls-- by candlelight?'
Join us for an overdose awareness event and candlelight vigil on August 29, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at Simmons Park, 1201 E Indian Trail in Aurora Illinois.
The Forest Live gigs saw Savoretti and his band play material from his new album including latest single and BBC Radio 2's Record Of The Week, Candlelight.
BADIN -- Candlelight vigil was held by PPP youth wing Badin outside Badin press club to pay homage to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto on 11th anniversary onTuesday.
THE NSPCC's Carols By Candlelight concert raised an amazing PS12,500 at Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral.
A message from the church to residents says join us for this wonderful and traditional Carols by Candlelight Service, bring the family, bring your friends and neighbours to hear the wonderful story of that first Christmas brought to life in carols and Bible readings..
Christmas lights, light art shows, a Christmas fair, Christmas concerts, Christmas Eve candlelight service, and other activities from Dec.
He said the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) had called for most sophisticated candlelight and torch-bearing protests against human rights abuses but India responded this exemplary peaceful protest with iron fist.