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Synonyms for candlestick

a holder with sockets for candles

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Bath petals" and the scent name are printed on the glass candleholder.
LOOKING at these pictures, you could be forgiven for thinking that they show two ashtrays and two candleholders, each pair matching in shape but of different colours.
Keep clutter and decoration to a minimum, but soften the ambience slightly with a silver-coloured multiple candleholder.
Pictured above is Malmsbury sofa while Jura round coffee table and Romano Hurrican Candleholder are right
The firm has received one report of the glass votive candleholder shattering.
Palace droplet single candleholder, pounds 20 (www.
Among the items stolen were a large crucifix, a gold chalice, the Gospels, a scepter, a large candleholder and candle, a fire extinguisher and a case of communion wine.
Cherish a partner who buys the brilliant Lovers bath caddy, right, which holds a book/magazine rest, wine glass, and candleholder - perfect for a sensual soak.
Finally, there is the Surf Votive ($35), wherein the sweeping shape of this crystal candleholder evokes the dancing ocean surf and swells of the undulating surface, thus creating the illusion of movement when the flame flickers.
Tall and narrow, the candleholder will not take up too much room in the kitchen, and would look great on the windowsill, or perhaps on a dresser.
And ideal for parties is the Romano Oval Wine Cooler TOUCH OF GLAMOUR The Coral Hurricane candleholder will add ambience or act as a focal point for table settings PRETTY YET PRACTICAL A mirror will enhance the effect of candlelight and the stunning Arch Mirror would be perfect for adding a cosy touch LET'S SPARKLE Add a party Aquilla sequinned cushion shimmer or a Sienna glass table light, centre.
NORTHBRIDGE - A Quaker Street woman was charged with attacking her husband with a knife and candleholder during a domestic dispute last night.
Humor makes its way into the rest of the collection with Geiko, a lizard motif crawling over cups placed on organically shaped saucers, as well as the Bouddhour, a porcelain candleholder somewhere between Buddha and bear, available in silver, gold, red and black.