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Synonyms for candlestick

a holder with sockets for candles

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We found and cleaned up this pair of hammered tin candleholders from Pottery Barn whose glass vitrines had cracked.
"Bath petals" and the scent name are printed on the glass candleholder. The following UPC codes are on the bottom of the box: 6-10696-55269-3, 7-97734-03754-8, 7-97734-03755-5 and 7-97734- 03758-6.
One candle is lit each night in a special candleholder called a Menorah.
* Large can with the top removed (to use as a candleholder)
Bould created the Twist Vase and Twist Pillar Candleholder in Nambe metal and here adopts a graceful form into a magical full-lead crystal votive.
Keep clutter and decoration to a minimum, but soften the ambience slightly with a silver-coloured multiple candleholder.
When I threw away a bowl that didn't shape as I had hoped, Kathy looked at it and said, "That looks like it would be a great candleholder." We let it dry a week and then, using an apple corer, poked holes in it to allow the candlelight to escape.
Here the objects, especially an empty bronze candleholder, suggest the blankness of mystical experience.
With shadows in mind, Trimarchi created pieces in various configurations, including a basket, a fruit holder, a candleholder, a centerpiece, an orange bowl, an orchid vase, and a tray.
Pictured above is Malmsbury sofa while Jura round coffee table and Romano Hurrican Candleholder are right
Later examples, like the ones shown here, generally fall into the pounds 20-pounds 40 price bracket, but as a lot of neodymium glass goes unrecognised, you can occasionally pick it up quite cheaply: the ashtray cost me pounds 3 at an antiques fair, while the candleholder was just pounds 1 from a flea market.
The clear plastic candleholder can ignite, posing a serious burn and fire hazard to consumers.
Palace droplet single candleholder, pounds 20 (, 0845 196 0000)
Among the items stolen were a large crucifix, a gold chalice, the Gospels, a scepter, a large candleholder and candle, a fire extinguisher and a case of communion wine.
The lighting of the menorah (candleholder) is part of the Hanukkah holiday celebration.