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a holder with sockets for candles

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The candle holder had been molded after the likeness of the character Eleven from 'Stranger Things'.
Dress your mantelpiece with groups of copper vases and candle holders.
These pictures do indeed show the same ashtray and candle holder, the only difference is that the photo where the ashtray is pink and the candle holder a brownish amber was taken by daylight, while the second picture was taken under artificial light.
If you want to get fancier, place more than one tin can in the bucket before freezing the water, you can make one candle holder with multiple candle slots to have an even brighter light.
Caution: Never leave this candle holder unattended, and be sure your tea lights are in a glass container within your paper mache.
It includes demonstrations on how to throw miniature and how to throw big, and instructs how throw various items, including a ring holder, apple baker, candle holder, juicer, plate, planter with saucer, a bird feeder, puzzle lidded vessel and a chip and dip bowl.
Beads" offers a series of truly 'user friendly' beading projects that include jeweled gift-wrapping, chain necklaces, clip-on earrings, beaded flowers, evening bags, drop cluster earrings, beaded tablecloths, brooches, holiday decorations, belts, shoe jewelry, cuffs, a lantern candle holder, tassels, and a beaded curtain.
Also included are demonstrations on how to throw miniature, how to throw big, how to throw a ring holder, apple baker, candle holder, juicer, plate, planter with saucer, bird feeder, puzzle, lidded vessel, and a large bowl.
Check out the Swedish linens, charming kids' clothes and organic woods and textiles, or pick up ingeniously designed gifts like the Nordic Light candle holder ($87.
They have special holidays like Hanukkah with a special candle holder called a menorah that carries eight candles and a ninth candle that lights the others, called a shamash.
Nine menorah candles - Folk Tree, menorah candle holder, $49; candles from Pier One, $6.
50; and the candle holder with aroma candle, glass holder and pillar candle set that retails for $12.
This simple but effective candle holder can easily be made from a balloon whisk.
95, Red Candy Unleash a little monkey magic with this silver candle holder, PS29.
Nest of tables, PS125; stripe chair, PS399; cushion, PS20; set of three printed frames, PS50; lamp, PS80; seashore candle holder, PS30; three candle holders, PS40; bayside rug, from PS35.