candle flame

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the light provided by a burning candle

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But more often, he says, modern institutions handle unexpected jolts--say, the recent financial crisis--about as well as a candle flame resists a windstorm.
If we listen hard enough, we may even be able to hear their gentle whispers through the licks of a candle flame as it dances whimsically around the wick.
Imagine blowing a steady stream of air towards a candle flame, and bending the flame without blowing the candle out.
The officials concerned briefed the Director General about leading causes of fire emergencies have been reported are 1448 fire emergencies due to short circuit, 385 due to gas leakage, 200 due to carelessness/smoking, 100 due to candle flame, 73 due to LPG cylinders blast and 686 fire incidents occurred due to multiple reasons.
By manipulating the camera and via such experiments as filming through a candle flame, fie traversed the entire chromatic spectrum, creating a series of abstract images that explore the range and diversity of light.
Then think of the loss of talent brought about by the deaths of these two geniuses, not to mention several young 18th century poets including Robert Ferguson and poor, much deceived young Thomas Chatterton, who died in his early twenties from arsenic poisoning, his genius snuffed out like a candle flame.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened in the first minute, but after about three minutes Jane's eyes began to tire, and the candle flame swayed side to side.
Researchers successfully removed particles from the centre of a candle flame for the first time and found that around 1.
5m diamond nanoparticles are created in a candle flame every second that it is burning.
These watches have a unique and unprecedented ability of being charged by any source of light upward of 200 lux power, ranging from Sunlight to a candle flame.
As Sunny approaches her thirteenth birthday, she envisions the destruction of the world in a candle flame, an indication she may have spiritual powers.
Hazard: The candle flame can spread from the wick to the wax causing a larger than expected flame, posing a risk of burns to consumers.
Whilst reclining in a bathtub, the woman caught her hair in a candle flame, panicked and then managed to douse the flames.
Only later do we hear, how just last year two bathers died of the deadly heavy gas that can fill the basin without warning, unless a candle flame remains flickering to show it's safe.