candle flame

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the light provided by a burning candle

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A Las Vegas artist is suing pop music star Grande, alleging federal copyright infringement over an image of a woman in a candle flame in the pop star's widely-viewed "God is a Woman" music video.
To understand the effect, the separation distance with respect to the candle flame is divided into three specified regions, namely, wide-spaced (>10 cm), intermediately spaced (2.5-7.5 cm), and narrow-spaced region (<2.5 cm), respectively.
If you tell a child not to touch a candle flame, he/she has theoretical wisdom.
Use old tablecloths to set up a tent in the living room, then roast marshmallows over a candle flame (make sure it's nontoxic and your parents are around) or bake some s'mores cookies.
You may add them to your bath water, use them for a massage or even inhale their vapours when added to hot water or warmed up on a low candle flame. One may also add a few drops of essential oils to your favourite cream or lotion before application.
Love and fealty, betrayal, violence and guilt figure and flicker in the poems like candle flame or a restive light nodding behind the eyes, always surprising and nudging the reader towards some rich, unexpected seam or evocation.
Look at the fire, and see it as the candle flame on your altar.
candle flame only the dead can see while legs dance joyously to a melody
The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff saw its prominent inscription, the bilingual poem by poet Gwyneth Lewis, transformed into a candle flame.
Traditionally, she melts the wax over a candle flame and applies it with a tool called a kistka, a short wooden stick topped with a tiny copper funnel.
Who doesn't have a memory of the cat climbing the Christmas tree or singeing his tail in a candle flame? Dangling ornaments, packages tied with ribbons, beautiful but toxic plants and hordes of guests trooping in and out can all tempt your tabby into trouble, but these expert tips can help you both survive the holidays intact:
But more often, he says, modern institutions handle unexpected jolts--say, the recent financial crisis--about as well as a candle flame resists a windstorm.
If we listen hard enough, we may even be able to hear their gentle whispers through the licks of a candle flame as it dances whimsically around the wick.
Imagine blowing a steady stream of air towards a candle flame, and bending the flame without blowing the candle out.