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Kerry Aptunion was founded in 1964 by a collective of family confectioners who specialised in the manufacture of candied fruit, in particular cherries.
50 and like lemon curd sponge pudding with candied fruit chutney and custard for pudding.
From French Oven Stew; Candied Fruit Nuggets; Anchovy Fritters; and Venison North Idaho; to Sour Cream Raisin Pie; Cinnamon Apples; Erdbeere Bowle Strawberry Punch; and Taco Soup, "Recipes Logged From The Woods Of North Idaho" offers and veritable cornucopia of dishes that would satisfy any appetite and please any palate.
Some commercial varieties feature mini chocolate chips, a variety of nuts, candied fruit peels and such.
Browse through 40 stalls selling delicious confectionery, Christmas cookies, stollen cake, gingerbread, smoked sausages, traditional arts and crafts, wooden children's toys, nutcrackers, candied fruit, jewellery, glass and lots more.
For the candied fruit, in a medium saucepan over medium heat bring the simple syrup, key lime slices, and coconut to a simmer and maintain the heat for two hours remove from the heat and, using a slotted spoon, transfer the key lime slice to a parchment lined sheet pan.
His poem, "A Wandering Jew's Ode to Candied Fruit, "was published in the Fall 1998 issue.
Nut brown in colour, with aromas and flavours of nuts, sweet candied fruit and toasted oak.
Flesh is grass, yet I dreamed you displayed me In pleated paper like a candied fruit, I thought you sliced me like green honeydew Or like a pomegranate full of seeds Tart as Persephone's, those brazen dots That kept that girl in hell, Those jelly pips that made her queen of death.
A friend of mine ordered it in Swiss restaurant and found that it was stuck all over with highly colored bits of candied fruit.
is the largest producer and seller of glace' candied fruit in the U.
For candied fruit, place sugar into a small non-reactive pan and heat until the sugar has melted.
Panettone is the classic Christmas cake in Italy - you can choose between the plain version or with candied fruit.
As well as traditional arts and crafts, you can expect a range of confectionary with German stollen cake, gingerbread, candied fruit and Gluhwein, one of the country's favourite festive tipples.
These rich bars mimic traditional panforte - an Italian fruitcakelike pastry dense with nuts and candied fruit - in all ways except one: These are much easier to make