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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Samira and her five sisters continue to prepare their family's secret recipe for red candied apples, which their mother and grandparents brought with them from Haifa to Lebanon after the 1948 Nakba.
Garnish with candied apple, vanilla powder, mint leaves and violets, and serve.
Traditional Candied Apples: Use 12 lady apples for this Martha Stewart ( recipe .
"Lettuce leaf lollapalooza!" "Candied apples on a stick!" they all cried together.
The bake table tempted with homemade fudge, candied apples, applesauce, cookies, brownies and, of course, pie.
After working up an appetite, choose from a full menu of malts, cones, espressos, hot dogs, and tasty seasonal treats, including hot apple cider and candied apples. Bike and specialty cycle rentals are available to explore Veterans Memorial Park, including mountain bikes, tandem bikes, classic cruiser bikes, kids bikes, and Wheel Fun Rentals' unique four-wheel Surreys, only available at this location until October 26th.
For years, saltwater taffy, candied apples, and cotton candy were the mainstays on the midway.
At speeds around 5 meters per second, most of the clusters in the simulation stuck together like two candied apples in the sun.
Johnson Brothers Greenhouses:Pick up some pumpkins and pose for photos in wooden Halloween cutout scenes.?This Saturday and Sunday, visitors can sample apples and make their own candied apples with their choice of toppings.
One white wine tastes perfumey like flowers; another white is woody and vanilla-flavored; one red tastes like candied apples; another is earthy and gamy Which flavor (and therefore wine) would taste good next to the lamb?
(*) Candied apples from Kitchen Magic http:/
Interspersed with the display were such related items as pie crust mix and candied apples.
Boxed Lunch Picnics, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Juice Bar and featured seasonal delights such as Candied Apples, Cider and Roasted Corn will be available from the Farmers Market throughout the event.
You'll make Tara's decadent chocolate sauce, peppermint bark and gourmet candied apples. $30 for two hours, and you'll leave with beautifully wrapped gifts for your Secret Santa, special someone--or yourself.
You don't need a food-safety license to serve cookies, confections, cotton candy, popcorn, nuts and candied apples; commercially packaged ice cream, frozen desserts, potato chips, pretzels and crackers; commercially processed pickles and jerky; coffee - not espresso - and tea, canned or bottled soda and other nonperishable beverages in original containers (the customer must open the container and beverages can't be served with ice); or for private events.