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the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

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It was there where his down-to-earth candidness in tackling life's foibles made some doubters see a little glimpse of his real ability and true self.
The parties vowed to 'facilitate closer party-to-party communications and stronger friendly consultations in the spirit of sincerity and candidness to build up trust and clarify doubts for the steady and sustainable development of the CPEC.' They welcomed the launch of the CPEC Political Parties Joint Consultation Mechanism, which, 'by our agreement, shall remain open to all political parties and stakeholders in Pakistan.'
While Caelynn has been involved in her ( fair share of drama this season, she did receive applause for her candidness about being a sexual assault survivor.
The psychologists offer the following analysis in this regard: An effective way of averting danger is to encounter and face mental conflicts and their consequences with utmost candidness and courage and reduce the intensity of this conflict and the pressure of some of the urges, thus bringing about such a reconciliation among them that they can enter the arena of consciousness without causing any trouble.
Before the suspension was announced, the SBP had sought leniency due to Ravena's "exemplary conduct and his candidness when he was interviewed." The SBP said it was an "honest mistake" and "there was no intention to cheat or unlevel the playing field.
Just as Colvin worked to shine a light on the human cost of war, her friend, Channel 4 correspondent Lindsey Hilsum, writes with both deep affection and candidness to present us with a human being.
From visiting restaurants to sharing ice-cream with children, Rahul Gandhi is grabbing eyeballs with his candidness.
In view of these concessions, his candidness, and his demeanor on the stand, the court found that Gibson's testimony was credible and that the basis of his suspicion was reasonable.
Candidness, coupled with players' social media savvy, has helped reconnect with fans and puncture public apathy, while England heeded the advice to write their own stories on the pitch.
Amidst all the brickbats that she is receiving, there are those who appreciate her candidness. @mahwashajaz_ tweeted: "Say whatever you want about Reham Khan, the woman is brave as heck.
Porf Fateh Muhammad Malik saw outspokenness and candidness as common characteristic of their works.
But while candidness abounds, the writing is rushed and breathless and very often not good." JUSTIN TORRES
They also appreciated his candidness in responding to their critical questions.