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(used as intensives reflecting the speaker's attitude) it is sincerely the case that

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Each brother candidly recognized that there were a few unimportant score of millions of outsiders in civilized society, persons who were neither University men nor churchmen; but they were to be tolerated rather than reckoned with and respected.
Lastly, he returns to the cause of the right, gloomily foreshadowing the possibility of something being unearthed to criminate Mr Boffin (of whom he once more candidly admits it cannot be denied that he profits by a murder), and anticipating his denunciation by the friendly movers to avenging justice.
They did not appear to attract the observation of the crowd around them, but I must candidly confess that for my, own part, I stared at them most pertinaciously.
Crawford with either sister without observation, and seldom without wonder or censure; and had her confidence in her own judgment been equal to her exercise of it in every other respect, had she been sure that she was seeing clearly, and judging candidly, she would probably have made some important communications to her usual confidant.
Dyott had candidly asked if her friend had found him rude or crude, Maud replied--though not immediately--that she had feared showing only too much how charming she found him.
Now, Diana, tell me candidly, do you see any faults in my story?
In this week's edition of the Trib+Health newsletter: Congress goes on summer break without action on Zika funding, a Dallas surgeon speaks candidly about police and an interview with Maria Cooper of the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science on Youth and Young Adults.
At the weekend, Bruno talked candidly about his latest relapse.
Even as our nations cooperate, I believe -- and I know you agree -- that we must address our differences candidly," Obama said as he welcomed Xi to the White House with full state honors.
He looks back at his heroic 1981 Ashes win, speaks candidly about the sex and drugs allegations which dogged him for a decade, and opens up about the two-year affair that nearly cost him his marriage.
Before rehab, Lindsay candidly sat opposite Piers Morgan and made a confession that she only did cocaine four or five times.
CDATA[ Video: Jerusalem celebrators speak candidly about their feelings towards the Jewish state on Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day]]>
She speaks candidly about her decision to turn her sons in to the police, and why she's subsequently been disowned by her four eldest children and denied access to her grandchildren.
can*did*ly adverb <She spoke candidly about her mistakes.
Trudeau announced she was suffering from the condition in 2006 and since then has spoken out candidly about it.