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inflammation of the vulva and the vagina

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This study was carried out to determine the species prevalence and fluconazole susceptibility among yeast isolates from women with candidal vulvovaginitis.
Moreover, antibiotic treatment of any component of the normal vaginal flora may actually lead to overgrowth of Candida species and candidal vulvovaginitis. (12)
Candidal vulvovaginitis. Clin Obstet Gynecol 1993; 36: 153-65.
1 Candidal balanoposthitis/ 2 5 candidal vulvovaginitis 2 Condylomata acuminate / genital warts 12 10 3 Herpes genitalis 12 13 4 Molluscum contagiosum 6 5 Total No.
The maximum number of cases were diagnosed to have genital ulcer diseases (33.33%), followed by genital candidiasis total 50 cases (21.64%), out of which, 39 cases were males with candidal balanoposthitis and 11 females with candidal vulvovaginitis. Amongst GUDs, highest numbers of cases were of herpes genitalis 63 cases, followed by syphilis (9 cases) and chancroid (4 cases).