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''The parliament will soon be formally informed about his candidacy withdrawal,'' he added.
Case for Candidacy: The take-no-guff businessman bet the farm on a tiny Atlanta VHF station and turned it into the world's largest cable media enterprise, revolutionizing the way we consume news in the process.
In the course of the New Hampshire campaign, where he attempted to make adjustments in the wake of his Hawkeye State disaster, Dean fed his wife (who had otherwise been invisible) into the maw of a Diane Sawyer interview, identified himself as a "hockey dad," and, though he was among the more cerebral candidates in years, analyzed himself as too often "leading with his heart." (His wife allowed that he "is a good dancer.") Apparently concerned that his candidacy had developed minimal appeal to female voters, Dean began making New Hampshire appearances in the company of his mother.
But SPLM officials who have declared their independent candidacy say they have made the decision in the interest of the people at the grassroots, describing the Political Bureau's decision as "unpopular".
Before Mousavi officially announced his candidacy on March 10, Khatami had said he would drop out of the race if Mousavi made up his mind to take up the challenge.
Obama's candidacy has forced America to embrace one of the essential ingredients of social change--genuine discourse.
Mr Davidson said: "Were you aware of the plans of your predecessor to attend the conference of the main party of the French right to announce his candidacy for the presidency of the EU - as a prelude to his candidacy for presidency of the world, the universe and everything."
As the story grew and Abramoff was arraigned (and later pied guilty to three felony counts of conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion) Reed's candidacy went into , a nosedive.
The New York City District Council of Carpenters, representing more than 10 local unions, has endorsed Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's candidacy for Governor of New York State.
Similarly, CPN-UML chief whip Bhim Acharya and leader Ram Chandra Jha stood as the proposer and the supporter of chairman Khanal's candidacy, respectively.
The current recognition of HLC extends to the Institutional Action Council jointly with the Board of Trustees for decision on cases for continued accreditation or reaffirmation, and continued candidacy. The Secretary's recognition also include the Review Committee of the Accreditation Review Council, jointly with the Board of Trustees for decisions on cases for continued accreditation or candidacy and for initial candidacy or initial accreditation when there is a consensus decision by the Review Committee.
The report added, 'Dual candidacy is a common and accepted feature of mixed member proportional systems across the world - indeed, in some cases candidates are expressly required to stand in both contests.'
Tanigaki said he explained to Koizumi that since the LDP's regional conventions will begin Friday, he will announce his candidacy in a news conference Thursday afternoon so as to clearly communicate his views to the public.
He said: The Yemeni government have not decided yet on the candidacy for the post.
"But in Iraq, Saddam Hussein had a 100 percent approval rating, because nobody ran against him" Norton's reelection campaign office declined to comment on Monroe's candidacy, which doesn't surprise Monroe, who considers Norton the archetypal do-nothing, say-nothing pol.