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any of the yeastlike imperfect fungi of the genus Candida

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Candida auris is one of the most common species affecting many people.
Candida and then-Municipal Treasurer Pedro Gabornes were slapped with two counts of violation of Section 3(e) of R.A.
The two were accused of conspiring with each other in the two separate purchases of spare parts and tires for a Mitsubishi Montero SUV owned by Candida, worth P30,601 and P11,200.
AS of this writing, the origins of Candida auris remain unknown and the CDC and other health agencies continue to find more potent ways to control it.
However, this situation recently has caused increased resistance to azole in fungal agents which prompts researchers to search for new antifungal agents, especially for resistant invasive Candida infections (7,8).
As part of EIP surveillance, a case is defined as a blood culture positive for Candida spp.
Candida albicans appears to be the cause for 80 to 92 percent of vulvovaginal candidiasis (6).
CANDIDA is a type of yeast that causes a fungal infection known as candidiasis.
Candidiasis is caused by infection with species of the genus Candida, predominantly with Candida albicans.
Candida Meyrick launched her business, Positive Potions, as an off-shoot of her restoration work at the Bodorgan Estate's derelict kitchen garden.
Concordance analysis between different methodologies used for identification of oral isolates of Candida species
Therapeutic Options in the Management of Echinocandin Resistant Candida Species