candid camera

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a miniature camera with a fast lens

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Peter is the son of Allen Funt, the creator and the original host of "Candid Camera." This series, which made its debut way back in 1948, is scheduled to make a come-back on Aug.
Although Athar's complaint is a serious one, she's actually worked as a free advertising machine for Galal's next set of pranks on his upcoming candid camera show this Ramadan!
Summary: Casablanca-based 2M has bought Novovision's new candid camera series, Al Camera al Majnouna (Crazy Camera), Rapid TV News has reported.
" It will be filmed very much like a candid camera production so we can get genuine reactions from people.
So this week we welcome the Top Gear veteran for a new series which exploits the Candid Camera format.
It's Candid Camera, Jimmy Kimmel, and Punk'd all in one as Enoch coerces what he calls his next unsuspecting victim in front of theiPad cameras.
An Egyptian actor who appeared on a local candid camera show did not take things well when, as part of the prank, he was told he was being interviewed for an Israeli channel.
With regards to entertainment Mattar said that a candid camera programme is back and people would be amused with its variety of episodes.
With regards to entertainment Mr Mattar said that a candid camera programme is back and people would be amused with its variety of episodes.
"I thought they were joking, I thought it was Candid Camera, but it weren't Candid Camera, it was serious," he added.
Smile: That Was Candid Camera (8.00pm) Celebration of the famous hiddencamera TV show, featuring an interview with Dom Joly.
Consumers can also help benefit Dress for Success Worldwide by visiting, viewing "Candid Camera"-like videos.
He admitted that he was inspired to dance by another cop o n US T V show Candid Camera. Tony said: "I thought.
Candid Camera (remember that?) and You've Been Framed are proof enough.
"I thought it was Candid Camera or something like that, to be honest with you."