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Synonyms for candid

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Synonyms for candid

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Synonyms for candid

characterized by directness in manner or speech

informal or natural

openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness

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There are several sanctuaries and national parks in India that captivate wildlife photographers to click some of the best views, enclosing candid moments and rare sights.
Candid Color Systems encourages friends of all humane organizations to go online to and suggest their favorite humane charity as a beneficiary.
Venus and Serena share candid commentary on personal experiences, reflecting on how they coped with pressures of adolescent stardom and keys to creating a prosperous present and future.
After 59 episodes the show ended in 1965, but in 1972 returned in colour for another 68 shows CANDID CAMERA The idea of hiding a camera for TV came from the USA.
Therefore, Eldredge argues, genes don't drive evolution--environmental change does, whether or not readers agree with his line of thinking, they'll appreciate Eldredge as a candid, no-punches-pulled interpreter of the core ideas of evolutionary biology.
Erwin Bauer's candid and in formative text shares his personal experience with big cats while also describing the perspectives of indigenous people and wildlife biologists.
Though Sarbanes-Oxley and other reforms don't pertain to privately held companies, in order to stay competitive for funding, even committees from private companies are acting, seeking more answers from--and fostering more candid, open relationships with--management and auditors.
Legal analysts are more candid in describing the Stewart case as an attempt to send a message.
As supplemental reading to Father Kennedy's candid discussion on the problem of homosexual priests (C.L, March 2002, p.15), I recommend the chapter entitled "The Mystic Body of Holy Church" in St.
As an NFB veteran of Unit B and one of the leading members of he direct-cinema movement, Kroitor contributed to the groundbreaking Candid Eye series and directed the legendary Lonely Boy with Wolf Koenig, which won Film of the Year at the 1963 Canadian Film Awards.
"We selected speakers who will be candid about growing a business and raising a family"
Let us be candid. Secular science has erected an imposing structure of scientific evidence that is [offered as proof] of evolution.
* Candid shots of campers in action are likely to attract significant interest.
It is thoroughly professional, hugely informative, and blessedly candid. Though it remains the voice of a monolithic organization, The NCAA News doesn't run away and hide from controversy.
The discharge interview is not the time to try to avoid hurting someone's feelings by being less than absolutely candid.