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glowing from great heat

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Our goal with Tinertia is to create a truly new platforming experience," explains Vilas Tewari, lead programmer and CEO of Candescent Games.
Earlier, he held senior finance roles at Asyst Technologies and Candescent Technologies.
Anonymous) "Christmas Trees" Bonhoeffer in his skylit cell bleached by the flares' candescent fall, pacing out his own citadel, restores the broken themes of praise, encourages our borrowed days, by logic of his sacrifice.
The political revolutionary and the candescent love poet?
Anyway, a good glowing wood fire can easily reach 1000 [degrees] C or even slightly more, and accompanied by the reducing property of candescent charcoal, would melt copper and its trace alloyed constituents to leave a metallic residue from the cuprous rocks.
As a specialist in Field Emission Display (FED) technology, PixTech is faced with a formidable array of competitors including Sony, Fujitsu, Samsung, Candescent and FED Corporation.
The well-bred Candescent can make a winning debut for Michael Stoute in the Booker Chef's Larder Maiden Fillies' Stakes (5.
Instead of the huge, bell-shaped vacuum tubes required by today's devices, Candescent says it has created microscopic cathodes that can work inside a 1-millimeter gap between two pieces of glass.
Imaginations as candescent as Nietzsche's, Heidegger's, or Derrida's do not blaze very often.
There is candescent sand and a great noise of heat and it is I who speak that word heavy and wide and green.
SoftBase, a division of Candescent SoftBase LLC and a leading provider of DB2 z/OS coding, testing and deployment tools, today announced the availability of a new product feature, Attach Facility's Multi-Row FETCH (MRF), enabling DB2 users to automatically retrofit older applications for IBM's Multi-Row FETCH technology.
Previously, Hosein has worked as chief financial officer at Marvell Technology Group, IDTI and Candescent as well as spent 14 years at IBM in various finance, engineering and operational roles.
To further reinvigorate this spirit the event also earmarked the launch of an online portal `Pledge to Conserve' which is an easily accessible digital platform whereby KE consumers can pledge to convert at least 1 candescent light bulb to LED.
Lord Armstrong, along with his pal Sir Joseph Wilson Swan, were pioneers in their time, and provided the world with the first hydro electricity and candescent light bulb respectively, and if they knew that in 2014 that this component could not be fabricated along the banks of the Tyne, I am sure they would both be horrified.
12 October 2011 - US buyout firm Candescent Partners on Wednesday unveiled it had taken over software company SoftBase Systems without disclosing any financial details, as part of its growth strategy.
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