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glowing from great heat

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The quantum physicist Henry Stapp has said that he believes that "there will be near-unanimous agreement among quantum physicists that, to the extent that a rationally coherent conception of physical reality is possible, this reality will be informational in character, not material." (5) So it may not be dreaming to discern that a movement's candescence and drive to succeed will first emerge in people's minds.
By contrast, Wright develops a style of prayer-poetry more akin to that of Hopkins, a priest-poet he calls "God-gulped and heaven-hidden," adapting his alliterative compounds and apostrophizing him in his own diction, "Father Candescence" and "Father Fire." (2) Oppen and Gluck poeticize prayer under the sign of litotes, or understatement, and Wright does so, like Hopkins, with rhetorical opulence; if their poems restrain trope and anthropomorphism, his abound with extravagant, almost baroque figurations of landscape, affect, and an absent God; if theirs approximate silent or mental prayer, subduing verbal music, his are written in strongly cadenced lines rich with sonic patterning.
Main export items in the first quarter included: vegetables and fruits (31% in overall exports to Kazakhstan), electric energy - 19.8%, milk and diary products - 11.8%, corrugated packaging - 5%, candescence lamps - 1.7%, cars - 3.7%, live animals - 2.3%, items made of stone, cement, gypsum - 2.3%, plastic items - 2.9%, furniture - 1.7%, drinks - 1.4%.
Then out the door they go Into bright candescence Or dark indifference.
The warm air released odours of wet dust and citrus groves and for years those same smells, a strain of music, the white dancing candescence of light on the sea with a Greek blue sky pouring into it--invariably they brought the memory of her welling and I punished myself proportionately for my loss.
Candescence, an Arizona-based candle manufacturer, has recently found success with a line of fountains that incorporates its products.