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branched candlestick

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The top was ornamented by vases, candelabra, and statuettes, in pairs, placed in a row.
Amid these curious relics, Madame Saillard always sat on a sofa of modern mahogany, near a fireplace full of ashes and without fire, on the mantel-shelf of which stood a clock, some antique bronzes, candelabra with paper flowers but no candles, for the careful housewife lighted the room with a tall tallow candle always guttering down into the flat brass candlestick which held it.
THE VENUE Chateau Rhianfa | 50 day & night guests | Red carpet entrance | Drink on arrival | Toastmaster to welcome you to your wedding breakfast | 3-course wedding breakfast | A glass of wine with the meal | A glass of bubbly for the toast | Crisp white table linen and napkins | Beautiful candelabras for each table | Silver cake stand and knife | Simple evening buffet | Civil ceremony - additional charge of PS995.
Make your bedroom or living room look a lot more modern thanks to matte black lamps, metal candelabras or a selection of stylish vases.
ART CONCEPTS IN DESIGN: The Mexican Tree of Life began when Spanish friars asked indigenous potters to create candelabras out of clay.
Every fall or winter, distinctive nine-candle candelabras are seen in Jewish households around the world.
When it comes to candelabras in all styles, the Candelabra Centerpieces online store have certainly established themselves as a wonderful shopping resource.
The art de vivre collections fulfill every home's desire, from hand-engraved flatware, glittering candelabras, authentic dallah sets and everything in between.
Transform the humble tea light by popping a few into any one of these fab candelabras. Great for the festive period or for any time you want to enjoy a warm, flickering glow.
SPLURGE KLEIN TEA LIGHT HOLDER PS35 from THIS modern design has a nod to Scandinavian style while still channelling the glamour of classic candelabras. The chrome plated brass frame adds gorgeous sparkle too.
Ronnie Wills performed the ceremony against a backdrop of garden arrangements of white roses, hydrangeas, bells of Ireland, hybrid delphinium, and snapdragons interspersed between antique iron candelabras holding pillar candles.
CANDELABRAS are one of those gorgeous covetable items for the home that rarely get used.
They dined by a pounds 550,000 pair of candelabras and pounds 300,000 of porcelain, on a pounds 6500 Regency table using Hanoverian cutlery worth pounds 13,000 and pounds 136,000 salt cellars.