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branched candlestick

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USPRwire, Sat Dec 10 2016] For wedding planners who would like an exotic feel to their table's centerpieces or homeowners with a deep sense of style, Candelabra Centerpieces may have just the solution shoppers are looking for.
uk THIS modern design has a nod to Scandinavian style while still channelling the glamour of classic candelabras.
Cut-glass table lamp, bobble tealight holder, black glass candelabra, gold lotus flower, black pillarholder, large pillar candle, all Asda candle, all A Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.
Fashioned in mercury andiron, candelabras were stunning arrangements of purple dendrobiums, yellow oncidiums, and orchids mixed with blue hydrangeas, cockscomb roses, and lilies with Spanish moss.
The easiest way to achieve a cohesive look is to think of your candelabra as four separate parts then make sure you add the same amount of flowers to each quarter.
IDEAL for those with contemporary tastes, this loop candelabra can be used individually, as a double candlestick or interlinked in a cluster or a free-flowing line to make a stunning table decoration.
Along with the ladders, trees, and candelabras, there were more violent (but not exactly mimetic) images of thorns, knives, and gallows, and this wall drawing looked more forebodingly nightmarish than dreamlike.
Provisional Danza, the Madrid-based group led by choreographer Carmen Werner, framed her work in a darkened room illuminated by candelabras.
Giftware items include coffee and tea services, goblets, pitchers, candlesticks and candelabras, glassware, collectables and other decorative items.
4 providing candelabra: the provision of public lighting candelabras and crosses.
What many people today consider ``traditional'' menorahs - the elaborate, expensive silver candelabras - were not in use until the 1700s because of the prohibition against replicating temple artifacts (the silver ones today have nine branches, as opposed to the seven-branch one that was used in the Temple).
Contract notice: Supply of led lanterns and candelabras for public lighting.
The department store's second floor was transformed into an elegant Paris restaurant complete with silver candelabras, 2-foot high candles, Versailles chairs, omnipresent blue velvet fabric and tables for 10.
Contract notice: Provision of anti-vandalism lights, mats and candelabras