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the most common form of skin cancer

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Rathbun MJ (1930) The cancroid crabs of America of the families Euryalidae, Portunidae, Atelecyclidae, Cancridae and Xanthidae.
The cancroid crab of America of the family Euryalidae, Portunidae, Atelecyclidae, Cancridae and Xantidae.
Some of my favourites were cerebriform (brain shaped) catenate (linked, as in a chain), cancroid (crablike) capreolate (with tendrils) - and don't miss callipygian (having beautiful buttocks).
thermydron, as having a general cancroid aspect, characterized by a broad, depressed, and transversely elliptical carapace with indistinct regions; an anterolateral region produced and spineless.