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relating to or affected with cancer

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like a cancer

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This lower risk was even greater (26%) for adenomas that were highly likely to become cancerous, and for those located in the colon rather than in the rectum.
In analyses of images obtained using ordinary white light magnification alone, approximately 84.0% (21/25) of the cancerous lesions had irregular or absent microvascular morphology, whereas approximately 79.5% of the non-cancerous lesions (178/224) had regular microvascular morphology.
Deborah Norville, longtime host of "Inside Edition" and former Chicago news anchor, underwent surgery Tuesday to have a cancerous nodule removed from her thyroid, Robert Feder writes.
Some ovarian cysts turn out to be cancerous tumours and have to be surgically removed.
To determine if the growth is also cancerous, they have required him to undergo a series of tests as soon as possible.
Hence, communities in many countries organise awareness events on cancerous tumours that are common in children.
Lawrenson, 61, said on Twitter: "After three months of outstanding care at both Ormskirk & Whiston Hospitals I got the news that after two operations and the removal of my facial cancerous blemish the cancer hasn't spread anywhere.
"The nano-engine, moving in a solution containing hydrogen peroxide, is led to cancerous cells by a magnetic field so that it can attach to the cancerous cells using its special receptors and separate it from the serum," Dr.
Sagoo, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, a leading expert in eye tumours, who is a regular Visiting Consultant to Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, and who examined the patient, explains: "In this case, the patient was fortunate that the mole was benign and not cancerous; the patient was very relieved at the diagnosis and no treatment was required, although we recommend regular and careful monitoring to detect any change.
Because cancerous cells have a higher metabolic rate than normal cells, they produce more heat.
An artificial intelligence program that scans thousands of human body cells was able to predict 6 with 86 percent accuracy 6 which would become cancerous.
A YOUNG boy's pioneering laser treatment for a cancerous tumour behind his right eye has been successful.
A new treatment for breast cancer, cryoablation, which uses extreme cold to kill cancerous cells, is currently under study at various sites across the U.S.
Delhi, India, September 30, 2016 --( The centre offers a trouble-free non-invasive form of radiosurgery which treats cancerous and non-cancerous tumours from any part of the body.