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relating to or affected with cancer

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like a cancer

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If this was true, and if he could discover a similar substance, he might find an answer to choking off the needed blood supply to all cancerous tumors.
In both cancerous and non-cancerous tissues, XO activities were found to increase in correlation with increased extract concentrations in both cancer types.
To determine whether tissue is cancerous, oncologists now have to take biopsies of tissue sand subject them to various laboratory tests--a process that can take days or more.
She said the number of cats developing cancerous or pre-cancerous growths depended on strength of the sun and geographical location.
Instead, the suit says, Johnson has been given six months to two years to live because the cancerous tumor that started in his rectum has spread to his liver, pelvis and tailbone.
But their cancerous proclivity reawakens when the cells are given the right cue--a new jolt of Myc, the researchers report in an upcoming Nature.
This test will be used in the diagnosis of pre-cancerous conditions and early detection of cancerous conditions of the lung.
PHOTO Jonathan Duncan was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in 1997, said his mother, Tasha Noriega.
The fundamental difference between cancerous and normal cells lies in the genes.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Cancer scientists in the former Soviet Union have discovered a method for easily distinguishing between healthy and cancerous tissue during surgery.
If microscopic clumps of cancerous cells spread to lymph nodes and other tissues, cancer can show up outside the prostate if prostate surgery isn't followed by effective hormone therapy.
They all work to deprive cancerous tumors of their blood supply and have been successful in eradicating tumors in mice.
NASDAQ: ZILA), of Phoenix, enables dentists, physicians and specialists to stain cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth a royal blue, aiding diagnosis and making biopsy site selection far more accurate.
Biomoda's cancer detection technology is based on a patented porphyrin application that preferentially binds to cancerous or aberrant cells, which are non-invasively collected from lung sputum samples.
Using samples of healthy and cancerous tissue from both sides of the colon, the researchers established the pattern of activity for 6,800 genes.