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relating to or affected with cancer

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like a cancer

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The database of images contained both pre-cancerous and cancerous cells, and was the first cross-referencing image research of its kind, (https://www.
Cancerous lumps are usually hard to feel and not associated with pain.
Green glow technology approach relies on an injectable dye called Indocyanine Green ( ICG) that accumulates in cancerous tissues more than normal tissues.
Since cancerous cells are eliminated at lower temperatures in comparison with healthy ones, the temperature should be adjusted in a way that is higher than the temperature for the elimination of cancerous cells while it is lower than the temperature to harm healthy cells.
Over the long term it becomes cancerous in one in 10 sufferers.
Home screening led to the discovery of 150 pre-cancerous tumours and 38 cancerous lesions
Canpolat said in the optical biopsy method, they send laser beams to the brain tumors to detect cancerous cells.
During the procedure, medical personnel remove cells from the breast, using a needle or a scalpel, to examine them under a microscope and determine if they are cancerous.
They found that their test correctly predicted whether cells from these crypts were cancerous or healthy, Boman says.
She used non-cancerous and cancerous human cells that had the same genetic source, or genotype.
Also, the field of angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) inhibition is quite new and, because KS is essentially a cancerous proliferation of blood vessels, opportunities exist to find drugs that inhibit blood vessel growth to treat KS and many other cancers.
This is likely one of several mechanisms that contribute to shutting down cancerous cells.
The gamma detection system provides lymphatic mapping that for the first time at the hospital will allow doctors to pinpoint certain cancerous tumors without having to remove all the lymph nodes in an area of concern.
Researchers will soon begin human testing on a type of drug that has drastically shrunk and even eradicated cancerous tumors (a mass of cells) in mice--and left them cancer-free.
Pathology) Transmission of pathogenic microorganisms or cancerous cells from an original site to one or more sites elsewhere in the body, usually by way of the blood vessels or lymphatics.