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the display of a motion picture

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fabric of metal or plastic mesh

the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

testing objects or persons in order to identify those with particular characteristics

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Keeping that thing in mind, we've taken women doctors and other staff here for cancer screening,' he said.
The likelihood of intraoral and extraoral cancer screening exams was assessed, while adjusting for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, marital status, poverty income ratio, health insurance, tobacco smoking, and alcohol consumption.
'For early detection which is also a secondary prevention method, the implementation of cervical cancer screening must be expanded to a more efficient screening processes that includes providing comfort and autonomy to women.
In an effort to make MRI-based cancer screening affordable, the company offers the Ezra Full-Body Scan for USD1,950 and single-region scans (pelvic or abdominal) for USD675.
All three clinics will be open for bowel cancer screening and Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail will be open for breast in addition to bowel cancer screening.
Oral cancer screening is an examination that will be performed by dental hygiene students who will look for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the patient's mouth and tongue.
Abuthuguchi Central MCA Ayub Bundi criticised governor Kiraitu Murungi's decision to do away with cancer screening initiated by former Governor Peter Munya.
Quezon City holds breast, cervical cancer screening caravan !-- -- Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) - March 8, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The Quezon City government, through the office of Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, has rolled out a free breast and cervical cancer screening caravan in local communities as part of the celebration of International Women's Month.
Gwen Pugh was receiving a Safe and Well visit from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service in June last year when a member of the service's Prevention Team told her about free home bowel cancer screening kits.
Failing to undergo colorectal cancer screening at all or at appropriate follow-up intervals may increase your risk of dying from the disease, a recent study suggests.
Some empirical studies have found prostate cancer screening is beneficial, while others have conceded it is not consequential and can even be harmful to patients' health (Gabrani, Knibb, Petrela, Hoxha, & Gabrani, 2016; Schroder et al., 2014).
Vegetarian and vegan women were less likely to participate in breast cancer screening than were meat eaters; there was no significant difference between the groups in rates of screening for cervical cancer.
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