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Synonyms for nest






Synonyms for nest

a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young

a kind of gun emplacement

a cosy or secluded retreat

Related Words

a gang of people (criminals or spies or terrorists) assembled in one locality

furniture pieces made to fit close together

inhabit a nest, usually after building

fit together or fit inside

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

gather nests

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Specifically, 91 of these 129 tumor tissue specimens had CD8 [sup]+ T cells in the cancer nests, with a mean number of 4.65 [+ or -] 4.25 CD8 [sup]+ T cells; while 126 of these 129 specimens showed CD8 [sup]+ T cells in the cancer stromal tissues, with a mean number of 57.63 [+ or -] 23.71.
It is common cause that the main trigger for activating dormant breast cancer nests is progestin, so in the premarin-only arm of the WHI, there was 28% lower incidence of invasive BRCA in the women aged 50-69 at start (and 44% less CHD in the women starting under age 60y;) so breast cancer after HRT is very much age dependent.
In WD-OSCC, same process occurs where the cancer nests proliferate and infilterate from the basal layer into the underlying tissue.
This case-control study of lung cancer nested in the cohort of European asphalt workers was designed to explore the role of bitumen exposure, other occupational exposures, and tobacco smoking in determining the increased mortality from lung cancer observed among pavers in the cohort (Boffetta et al.
By the pathological point of view, parathyroid involvement may occur in three possible patterns (Figure 3): (1) direct invasion by infiltrative growth from the primary TC (pattern A); (2) extension of TC into the gland, from which cancer nests are separated by an intervening fibrous capsule (pseudocapsule) (pattern B); (3) true metastasis within the gland, with no evidence of continuity from the primary TC (pattern C).