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Synonyms for bone

to study or work hard, especially when pressed for time


Synonyms for bone

rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

the porous calcified substance from which bones are made

a shade of white the color of bleached bones

study intensively, as before an exam

consisting of or made up of bone

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Trabecular or cancellous bone samples were extracted from the centre portions of the 4th lumbar vertebra.
Another fundamental and specific requirement for the alveolar ridge split technique is considered the presence of cancellous bone between the two cortices which ensures a good blood supply [40].
PLA unit element with 65% and 80% porosity best fits the condition for cortical bone and cancellous bone scaffold fabrication (10).
Compressive properties of commercially available polyurethane foams as mechanical models for osteoporotic human cancellous bone. B.
In assuming cancellous bone to be transversely isotropic brings us one step closer to simulating realistic bone properties and demonstrates the significance of using anisotropy.
The Duetto SI stem (Cgdb, Italy) evaluated in this study was designed to preserve cancellous bone and bone marrow and minimize blood flow impairment in the medullary cavity and has a thin rectangular cross-sectional shape from the neck to the distal end (Figure 1).
The device also has two locking modes that work in congruence to provide secure fixation: shape-memory wings that deploy and lock into cancellous bone; and expandable block lock technology that provides uniform graft compression and aperture fixation.
Measuring the cancellous bone density of all treatment substances, the E (p < 0.001), GEN and EQO (p < 0.05), treated groups showed a significant improvement of cancellous bone density.
The proprietary ARC Osteotome device creates arcs within the existing bone structure, allowing a preferential flow of cement into arcs and cancellous bone openings.
Acute fractures to the proximal end of the bone within the cancellous bone area, if nondisplaced, do very well with closed treatment.
Fibrous dysplasia is a benign idiopathic skeletal disorder that occurs when normal cancellous bone is replaced by abnormal fibrous tissue.
The patent covers 12 new claims for the production and use of the unique minerals and biomaterials and adds additional patent protection to the core solution-based chemistry technology utilized in the development of VITOSS(TM), Orthovita's synthetic cancellous bone void filler.
OsteoCrete is an injectable, mouldable solution assisting in the healing and regeneration of bone, with a robust composition that is three times stronger than cancellous bone.
For instance, Stryker's Sonic Anchor that operates through ultrasonic energy to liquefy and flow into cancellous bone, was launched in 2016.