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Synonyms for cancellous

having an open or latticed or porous structure

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Such modeling has demonstrated that the femoral head showed the highest collapse risk in L1 model (lateral pillar of cortical and cancellous bones), because of the increase in the peak von Mises stress and displacement.
The measurements were taken on the lower right canine (RC) and left canine (LC), lower right lateral incisor (RLI) and left incisor (LLI), lower right central incisor (RCI) and left incisor (LCI); in each of these teeth, 6 linear measurements were taken that interpreted the bone height in the area, the cortical bone thickness and the thickness of cancellous bone as follows (Fig.
A cancellous bone, endplate, vertebral process models were meshed with volumetric finite elements.
Blackley and colleagues (18) reviewed 59 cases of giant cell tumor of bone treated with curettage, phenol, and autograft cancellous bone.
* Cancellous threading--from 3.5 to 11.5 rot with a relative constant torque.
In order to analyze the cancellous part of the tibial metaphysis, the trabecular area was contoured manually slice by slice.
After getting the cortical bone geometry the cancellous part was modeled by subtracting the tibia model with the shell model to obtain cancellous bone geometry as shown in Fig.
The technique has drawback in cancellous metaphyseal zone of bone like proximal humerus (head of humerus), distal humerus, proximal ulna, distal radius, pelvic bone, trochantric area, distal femur, tibia plateu and pilon, talus and calcaneum where second hit cannot be appreciated.
Quantify the amount of cortical and cancellous glenoid bone removed to correct three different sizes of posterior glenoid defects using each glenoid design, and
We used the measuring mode for dividing total bone into cortical bone or cancellous bone as peel mode 20.
Fibrous dysplasia is a benign idiopathic skeletal disorder that occurs when normal cancellous bone is replaced by abnormal fibrous tissue.
The patent covers 12 new claims for the production and use of the unique minerals and biomaterials and adds additional patent protection to the core solution-based chemistry technology utilized in the development of VITOSS(TM), Orthovita's synthetic cancellous bone void filler.
With this new US FDA clearance, the company said its new product includes a 20 degree expandable interbody and additional indications for use with allogeneic bone graft comprised of cancellous and/or corticocancellous bone graft to facilitate fusion.