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Synonyms for cancellous

having an open or latticed or porous structure

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However, the wedge posterior augment glenoids removed less cortical, cancellous, and total bone than did the step posterior augment glenoid in each size defect; where the wedge glenoid removed 27%, 71%, and 80% less overall bone than the step glenoid in each size defect, respectively.
Basically, there are two types of bone screws designed to be assembled with cortical or cancellous bone structures.
5], preferred power law models to linear regression models for mechanical properties of cancellous bone.
We have applied our technologies to the development of three products, VITOSS(R) synthetic cancellous bone void filler, CORTOSS(TM) synthetic cortical bone void filler and RHAKOSS(TM) synthetic bone spinal implant, that we believe offer a wide range of clinical applications at various anatomical sites.
About Puros DBM Block and Strip Puros DBM Block and Strip are unique bone graft substitutes composed of 100% demineralized cancellous bone.
These attributes are incorporated in our VITOSS Synthetic Cancellous Bone Void Filler and allow cells and signaling molecules, such as growth factors, to absorb our material so that the body can effectively remodel it into natural bone over time.
The DYNASTY[R] BIOFOAM[TM] Acetabular Cup System represents the debut of Wright's proprietary CANCELLOUS TITANIUM[TM] technology within its line of innovative hip products.
The majority of autogenous cancellous bone grafts used for nonunion surgery are obtained from the iliac crest region, either anterior or posterior.
The two types of lesions are the ivory form (made up of hard, compact bone with minimal fibrous tissue) and the cancellous form (consisting of mature cancellous bone).
The transaction also increases the supply of ground cortical bone and ground cancellous bone to IsoTis.
The data show that the contrasting effects of FORTEO and zoledronic acid on bone remodeling are evident on all three bone surfaces: cancellous, endocortical and periosteal.
Two sizes of both cancellous and cortical screws were evaluated for both support from below and through the depressed fragment.
The proprietary ARC Osteotome[TM] device creates arcs within the existing bone structure, allowing a preferential flow of cement into arcs and cancellous bone openings.
The First Steerable, Bone Tamp Designed to Channel through Sclerotic, Cancellous or Dense Bone
In this study, designed to evaluate the effects of denosumab administration in aged primates after estrogen depletion (OVX), researchers found that long-term denosumab administration (16 months) is associated with increases in the mass and density of cancellous and cortical bone.