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having an open or latticed or porous structure

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After removal of spacer the bone ends were freshened so as to stimulate bone growth, the biomembrane capsule was irrigated to remove any residual debris and the harvested bone grafts from iliac crest and cancellous autograft from femoral canal were placed in the fibrous capsule biomembrane pocket/defect (figure 3).
Lateral, central, and medial pillars of 'both' necrotic cancellous and cortical bones of femoral head were modeled as L1, C1, and M1, respectively.
The measurements were taken on the lower right canine (RC) and left canine (LC), lower right lateral incisor (RLI) and left incisor (LLI), lower right central incisor (RCI) and left incisor (LCI); in each of these teeth, 6 linear measurements were taken that interpreted the bone height in the area, the cortical bone thickness and the thickness of cancellous bone as follows (Fig.
The cancellous bone, end-plate, vertebral process were described by 3D mesh of 153663 nodes and 94839 solid elements.
2 GPa (12) where as cancellous part covers 20% of mass and have a porosity level of 80% with modulus in the range of 88 to 120 MPa (21,26,27,29,31,32,36).
12 cortico-cancellous bone graft is best placed with the cancellous part against the recipient site and the cor- tical part acting as a barrier and space-keeper against the pressure from the flap.
Quantify the amount of cortical and cancellous glenoid baseplate surface contact with three different rTSA prostheses when implanted with and without inferior tilt and when implanted in a 10 mm medially eroded glenoid.
The explanation of this result is that the screw's thread, in this position, comes in contact with a larger part of the cortical bone--with better material properties compared to cancellous bone, this way improving the fixation strength.
Figure 1 shows the changes within cancellous bone as a consequence of bone loss.
Computed tomography (CT) detected a widening of the frontal bone with osteolytic changes of the cancellous bone of the diploe.
The company says the Sterling interference screws have been recently implanted as tendon fixation for ACL replacement surgeries, and Sterling cancellous chips and cubes have been used as bone graft substitutes for total hip replacement revision procedures.
Topics include ion exchange compounds as corrosion inhibiting pigments in organic coatings, machining cancellous bone using coated cutting tools, the effect of substrate bias on sputtered TiN coatings, renewable feedstock alternatives in surface cleaning bio-based solvents, and laser-based inspection of thermal barrier coatings.
Based on the micro CT data, the mean cancellous bone volume was significantly higher (45%) among women treated with PTH, compared with the placebo group.
Based on the micro-CT data, the mean cancellous bone volume was significantly higher (45%) among women treated with PTH, compared with the placebo group.
The company has applied its technologies to the development of several products, VITOSS(R) Synthetic Cancellous Bone Void Filler, CORTOSS(R) Synthetic Cortical Bone Void Filler and RHAKOSS(TM) Synthetic Bone Spinal Implant.