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Synonyms for canary-yellow

having the color of a canary


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NORWICH City's canary-yellow and green colours are pretty distinctive - but there was a time when Town looked just like them.
And he chose his bright canary-yellow helmet also because of Senna, though his father suggested it was also to help him spot his diminutive son in a crowd of karts and drivers during a race.
In April Worthington discovered the largest of all his diamond finds, a stunning 2.04-carat canary-yellow diamond crystal.
The look of the new Morrisons filling station in Morpeth attracted widespread criticism from local residents and councillors because of the bright canary-yellow and white used on its fascia and pricing signs.
And another source added: "If we win in Georgia, the fans won't care if we are wearing canary-yellow tops and brown shorts."
The canary-yellow flowers appear throughout the summer until frost kills the plant.
White bleached floors with a canary-yellow and while-painted stencil, white walls, white drapery with a yellow trim, a piece or two of antique furniture that wasn't going to crumble in the sun.
With their dazzling canary-yellow heads and underparts and orange breasts, the males are a beautiful sight.