canary yellow

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a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge


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The legendary canary yellow diamond was discovered in the Kimberly Mines of South Africa back in 1877.
Talking about her fashion choice she said: "I called Donatella (Versace) and I said, 'I have to have this canary yellow dress,' and here it is."
After two coats, I achieved a smooth, canary yellow hue that lasted a few days before chipping.
Get a bright Mardi Gras mani with White Out, Canary Yellow, pictured, or Green Envy, PS1.99 each (Superdrug).
She was dressed in canary yellow and she looked lovely."
The 23-year-old chose a canary yellow leather jacket to go to Karl Lagerfeld's first store opening in London last month.
And if it's canary yellow, this must be P&O Cross Channel Ferries.
"At the moment his favourite idea is a huge, canary yellow, princess-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds and set in white or yellow gold."
True, the canary yellow Christian Dior gown she chose for the Emmys was a bit of an out-there eye-catcher, but it was no fashion catastrophe.
An oil on canvas, the 1944 "La revolte des contraires" is a vortex of canary yellow rhomboids, rippled by undulating black lines and pocked by eruptions of prismatic colours.
The preferred one-day outfit retains the canary yellow, while the alternative strip is green.
The Geox designer giveaway travel case on wheels is available in canary yellow. Each bag is bursting with school essentials in canary yellow: a trolley bag, cooler bag; note book; colouring pencils and luggage tag, a statement said.
Ex-Conservative MP Ann, who was dressed in a canary yellow frock with leggings on Saturday night, has refused to do do any dance moves she deems as sexy.
They include Bag lady by Carl Hodgson, a whitehaired women in a canary yellow dress feeding pigeons in front of department store TJ Hughes.
In the 1970s, MKDA designed Gloria Vanderbilt's famed showroom, which featured a canary yellow reception desk set in a vivid blue background.