canary seed

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a mixture of seeds used to feed caged birds

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Washington, June 20 ( ANI ): A new variety of canary seeds bred specifically for human consumption qualifies as a gluten-free cereal that would be ideal for people with celiac disease (CD).
Saskatchewan is a world leader in the production and export of canola, wheat, oats, peas, lentils, mustard seed, canary seed, flax and other crops.
We'll send you a box of canary seed in the morning.
The area devoted to the main specialty crops in Saskatchewan--dry field pea, lentil, mustard seed, canary seed, dry field bean, triticale, buckwheat, sunflower and chickpea--increased from 136,000ha in 1981 to 2,474,000ha in 2001, or from 1.
Non-gardeners can also help by preparing mixes of sunflower hearts, millet and canary seed for bird tables and feeders.
Finches and siskins--thistle (niger), sunflower hearts, black-oil sunflower seed, millet, canary seed, fruits, peanut kernels, suet mixes.
In recent years, with farmers and entrepreneurs looking for alternative markets for the millions of acres of straw that is typically burned, there have been a number of plants opened to make building materials and industrial materials out of annual fibre materials such as barley, canary seed, canola, fescue, flax, oat, rye, and wheat.
Humboldt operates mustard & canary seed cleaning plants (also handling peas and lentils); a flour mill; and fertilizer & chemical dealership through a chain of 12 farm supply centres and the flour mill in Saskatchewan.
Major annual crops would be canola, yellow peas, canary seed, and wheat.