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Canary Islands grass

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Reduced speed of emergence of canary grass was an indication of the inhibitory effect of allelochemicals released by decomposing wheat residue over time course.
While low temperature during December inhibits the germination of lambsquarters and little seed canary grass. Another field study indicated that delay in sowing of wheat past November reduced weed population to a significant level with simultaneous reduction in wheat yield (Bhan, 1987).
Canary grass with different densities had no significant effect on plant height and number of grain per spike did not (Table 2).
It wasn't anything like as productive as reed canary grass.
Although reed canary grass was not identified by Jull (2001) as a species that deer avoid, a recent study by Kercher and Zedler (2004) indicated that reed canary grass responds well to grazing.
I have 27 acres of hay fields that were seeded about 20 years ago, 10 acres of wild hay on the old corn field, and three acres of reed canary grass. The 27 acres that were seeded are slowly going wild.
Red-winged blackbird nests, however, were found in a wider variety of plant species, including smooth brome, wild parsnip, thistles, orchard grass and reed canary grass. Dickcissel nests found in May and early June were sometimes placed in thick patches of smooth brome before weedy forb species were above the grass canopy.
They were cleared when the land became a farmstead, and seeded to reed canary grass (a wetland grass of European origin) about 1949.
What may look like the work of accidental brush fires is no accident but the fruit of weeks spent battling a dogged foe in Coos Bay's Kentuck Inlet: canary grass.
Local farmer Paul Ratcliffe, New House Farm, Martletwy, who has recently been involved in planting miscantus and canary grass in Pembrokeshire, will also be on hand to discuss his experiences of the crops.
The fancy name is "solarization." Without using pesticides, the city is trying to cut down on swaths of reed canary grass, in this case a quarter-acre patch.
To remove reed canary grass from the trails, the corps plans to mow, cover with a weed barrier fabric and lay gravel on the trails.
Spare time: When Finnessy's not overseeing watershed council projects, she's working to restore her little section of the riparian zone, removing the blackberry, ivy and canary grass that shade out native species, such as willow, at the home she rents overlooking the river.
The state and McKenzie River Trust also will work to emphasize native vegetation over exotic species such as reed canary grass and Himalayan blackberries.
Work removal party along Water Garden trails removing reed canary grass along the wetland causeways and bridges.