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Canary Islands grass

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According to Dr Richard Lord, Reader in Environmental Geochemistry and Sustainability, "We have narrowed the plants down to reed canary grass because it grows well on poor soils and contaminated industrial sites.
Reed canary grass also produces good habitats for biodiversity.
Wheat straw and reed canary grass black liquors obtained from laboratory soda-AQ and kraft pulping showed similar burning behavior, which is also typical for the corresponding birch black liquors.
Allison Ostrander, 16, of Soldotna, Alaska, a sophomore at Kenai Central High School, created and organized the "Salmon Run Series," five running races that raised more than $5,000 to help combat the negative effects of canary grass on the salmon population in the Kenai Peninsula.
para]]Green Canary Grass Lawn and Turf Coating helps property owners, HOAs, contractors, cities, municipalities, and businesses reduce water consumption by up to 70-90%, while maintaining a lush green lawn[[/para]]
Tenders are invited for Herbaceous Plant Control Phragmites, Reed Canary Grass, And Purple Loosestrife Algonac State Park And Bay City Recreation Area
The humble reed canary grass - a native British plant which grows well on poor soil - topped a five-year trial carried out by experts at Teesside University to find the most productive biomass plant growing on brownfield sites.
Mount Pisgah Arboretum: "Singles" work party - removing Reed Canary grass, 9:30 a.
In some parts of the country fescue, reed canary grass, ryegrass and Sudan grass are common.
The demonstrations, funded by the Farming Connect Centre for Alternative Land Use at Bangor University, will show energy grass crops - Miscanthus, Reed Canary Grass and Switch Grass - thought suitable for Wales.
Instant Transformation of Unsightly Grass, Reduced Water Consumption, and Reduced Maintenance Costs Are Made Possible with Green Canary Grass Painting
Invasive canary grass still clogs the creek, but volunteers hope that the oaks, Oregon ash and other recently planted trees eventually provide enough shade to kill the grass and open the waterway.
Field-scale tests to assess the viability of short-rotation coppice willow, miscanthus and reed canary grass have already been carried out in Pembrokeshire, with the support of the Bluestone Holiday Village, which plans to construct a UK showcase biomass energy centre as part of a pounds 60m development.
I have three acres of straw-like reed canary grass in an area of the field where the tile drainage system has failed.