canary creeper

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a climber having flowers that are the color of canaries

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If climbers are bare at the base, use their stems as a support for a fast-growing decorative annual climber such as canary creeper.
Alternatively, how about the annual canary creeper, with fans of clear yellow flowers.
REMOVE seed pods from nasturtiums and canary creeper and cut off dead flowers on snapdragons to encourage more flowers.
The red, a vivid, fiery vermilion, is provided by the flame creeper Tropaeolum speciosum, a relative of the nasturtium and canary creeper from Chile.
The easy canary creeper, tropeolum perigrinum, with flowers like little yellow fans, would be good or eccremocarpus scaber, the Chilean Glory Vine, with waxy tubular flowers of orange rimmed with yellow.
SOW summer climbers such as black-eyed Susan (thunbergia) and canary creeper (tropaeolum) in pots on a warm windowsill.
SOW sweet peas, black-eyed susan and canary creeper in pots ready for planting up wigwams in flowerbeds.
CANARY Creeper will quickly cover a 12ft eyesore in a matter of weeks.
-REMOVE the seed pods of nasturtiums and canary creeper to promote continuous flowering.
Scented sweet peas, Heavenly Blue and Moon Flower morning glory, Canary creeper nasturtiums and Black-eyed Susie are firm favourites.
The easiest ones to start with are trailing Nasturtiums, Black-eyed Susan and the yellow Canary Creeper.
Nasturtiums display fierce reds and oranges while canary creepers scatter yellow blooms with frills like sparks of light.
Annuals like nasturtiums and canary creepers will twine through easily to add quick colour and foliage in the first year.