canary bird

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any of several small Old World finches

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Canary Bird will dash up a trellis or wires in a couple of months.
QI have a new shrub rose called Canary Bird which is covered with single flowers.
The fence is disguised with climbers such as Solanum Crispum Glasnevin, the yellow rose Canary Bird and more than 25 different clematis varieties.
The first, out of Canary Bird, is a half-brother to Fearless Flyer, winner of the 2004 Grade 3 Na-talma Stakes at Woodbine.
Among the best shrub roses are 'Ballerina', with white centre and pink-flushed petals, fantastically scented 'Fantin-Latour', which produces pale pink flowers and the yellow-flowered 'Canary Bird'.
Among the best shrub roses are Ballerina, with white centre and pink- flushed petals, the fantastically scented Fantin-Latour, which produces pale pink flowers and the yellow-flowered Canary Bird.
Try a tall abutilon 'Canary Bird' or climber such as a clematis surrounded by erect lilies, masses of bushy fuchsias, osteospermum, brachycome or tagetes.
For the colored man to-day to attempt to stand up to fight would be like a canary bird facing a bulldog, and an angry one at that'" ("Colored" 33).(3)
Photo: Canary bird vine, with feathery, bright-yellow flowers and 2-inch lobed leaves, can quickly cover a fence or wall with delicate tracery
YES, a canary bird has been spotted in Netherton, giving pleasure to all who can see it.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Wild roses such as Canary Bird don't need any pruning other than to keep the bush under control and to remove dead or broken branches.
Abutilon 'Canary Bird' is one that you should be able to pick up at most garden centres.
Hawkeye has two smartly bred mares among his first positive results: Lit de Justice mare Burnin' Memories - a Listed winner in the US - and Canary Bird, dam of Canadian Grade 3 winner Fearless Flyer.