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Synonyms for canary

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge

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any of several small Old World finches

having the color of a canary

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Except the second sentence invokes the soul midway through, and it is the wish of this soul that swamps the poem, drawing everything in: "This is the lost, impermanent light / The soul is pulled toward, and longs for, deep in its cave, / Little canary." Thus subject becomes object--of desire--and this soul, pining and pulled, is the reason the light is mentioned at all.
Buckingham said: "I think any competition in London is always going to draw a good crowd, especially in such a busy area as Canary Wharf as people pour out of their offices and find themselves part of a buzzing super sprint triathlon.
Mac OSX users can now use the Canary version of the browser, and be first in line to experience the latest features as they land on Google Chrome.
Silencio refers to the exploitation of the Canary Islands' natural landscape, first as a means of production (mainly bananas], then as a product sold to tourists.
aaa With around 60 companies operating in Morocco, the kingdom has become one of the main investment destinations for Canary companies, said the release pointing out that the regional government of the archipelago invested more than E 2 mln to fund cooperation projects in the neighboring country.
The canary seemed to survive another blow, although its lungs were getting weaker by the day.
A further Monday service to Tenerife from 13th January to 20th April, providing even more choice, meaning up to four weekly flights to this popular Canary Islands hotspot from early in the year.
The Canary Islands real estate market remains consolidated despite the uncertain consequences of Brexit, and the British are still regularly buying on the Islands, according to a report by 'Registrars of Property'.
There were 12.6 million trips between UK and Spanish airports - not including the Canary Islands - in summer last year.
Now, after decades of being dismissed as an unliveable cultural desert, populated on weekends only by tumbleweed and a howling wind, Canary Wharf is in the throes of a fourth major transformation.
"They're great for apartment dwellers, as they require less space than larger pets," said Marissa Kactioglu, project manager for Penn-Plax, the Hauppauge, New York-located maker of the E2 line of cuttlebones preferred by canary and finch owners.
Birds of Prey has found its Huntress and Black Canary.
In captive canary flocks, Circovirus infections have been reported based on the clinical observations.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed the Autonomous Community of the Canary Island's (or Canaries) Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at 'BBB' with Positive Outlooks.
The beautiful Iranian canary available in one or mixed colours is also popular.