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provide (a city) with a canal

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He said government should take strive more for canalizing the remittances into productive economic activities so that the country could reap better economic benefits.
He also asked to concentrate on gene ratio of durable community assets, assimilation of new technologies in production and marketing, access to sub-national, national and global markets for the rural producers, creation of sensitivity towards sustainable investing of natural resources as well as canalizing of consumer preference towards items produced by the rural producers.
A decelerating fitness function causes the trajectory to shift toward the less-steep region of the surface, corresponding to canalizing selection on development.
It seems likely that selection is canalizing most of the time.
2], the population variance, the strength of canalizing selection goes as [[Sigma].
Having finished a job in Plymouth docks in 1854, he volunteered to serve with the Royal Engineers in the Crimean War, and it was as he was returning from Russia in 1856 that he discovered the great mission of his life: the dedication of his considerable engineering talents to the improvement of the Danube waterway, first by increasing the depth of one of its many mouths in a swampy, delta, and then by canalizing its route through the delta.
The branchless banking has also proved to be an effective instrument in canalizing the government to persons (G2P) payments in trying times like serving internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the people affected by devastating floods and rains for the last two years.
Most of these phenomena can be explained by assuming a buffering or canalizing function that relates biochemical variation to morphological variation (Waddington 1940; Rendel 1967; Scharloo 1988).