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provide (a city) with a canal

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A section of the Nairobi River has been illegally canalized by a developer in Lavington area.
In this group acini were seen uncanalized at some places and canalized in some sections.
We have canalized our exporters and businessmen to Rome's Fiumicino Airport.
Another problem is that about 90 per cent of Switzerland's rivers and streams have been dammed, canalized and channeled underground, impairing the natural functions of watercourses.
"Violent aggressivity," he says, "the 'scratching' of rap DJs giving sound to blades slitting throats -- is physiologically canalized, transformed, and exorcised" (Spencer, 145).
Two such major ideas were the New Deal and the so-called Folkhemmet, which canalized the political efforts of people for decades in the two countries, giving clear-cut meaning to electoral combats and legislative work.
Figure 2 shows how these vectors relate to one another as we approach a canalized point.
[sections] 5,(11) expressly forbids the imposition of "tolls or operating charges whatever" on vessels for passing through any canalized river for the use or benefit of navigation.
It is me who canalized him to the politics and to the state life," said GE-l.
Dimitar Culev comments for Utrinski Vesnik when the reflux of young people can no longer be prevented, it is better for the economic exodus to be canalized and put under control.
He said that international money should be canalized to proper projects.
On the other hand, not every chemical reaction system leads to canalized relationships between gene dosage and phenotypic traits.
However, not all aspects of development are plastic; some are canalized. Species and populations differ in which traits are plastic, and such differences can significantly affect the ability of the organism to compensate for poor growing conditions.