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provide (a city) with a canal

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According to my argument, the theory of ethnic nepotism explains why many kinds of interest conflicts tend to be canalized along ethnic lines in ethnically divided societies.
Currently, Norway is providing an annual assistance of approximately NOK 66 million to Pakistan which is canalized through non-governmental organization and the UN system, he said.
The activities got intensified after the protests on 10 May 2010 when it became clear that the people have energy and potential that needed to be canalized, Polozani added.
Finally, with full support from USA and the EU, the agreement was reached on 13 August and the conflict was over and the solution was politically canalized.
Ironically, while pollinators of the same orchid species tend to belong to the same genus and/or share similar physical dimensions, this trend towards a canalized and restrictive pollinator vector spectrum never guarantees a high conversion rate (i.
Turkish Airlines (THY) canalized Turkish businessmen stranded in Europe to Italy after the ash cloud, caused by the Islandic volcano, covered European airspace.
The walled gardens canalized movement through the villages and provided excellent positions for enemy caches.
There's a lot of talk about "thinking outside of the box," but sometimes thinking becomes so canalized that people might not realize that there's even such a thing as a box.
Direct democracy is immediate and hot-headed, indirect democracy calmed and canalized.
The following four chapters are all, in some sense, case studies--readings of texts or the works of a particular writer, humanist pedagogue, encyclopedist or polymath, providing an analysis of how the different impulses in the conjoined idea of the theater and encyclopedia were canalized by different genres or mediums.
Another problem is that about 90 per cent of Switzerland's rivers and streams have been dammed, canalized and channeled underground, impairing the natural functions of watercourses.
Endothelial cells whose proliferation is normally inhibited are activated to undergo mitosis and then migrate to invade the extra-cellular matrix, initially as solid cords of cells that are later canalized to form tubes and then vascular arcades.
In a mountainous country wide dispersion is not easy; movement is largely canalized in the valleys and there are only limited areas suitable for depots and installations.
If the BLUFOR assault is canalized into the left or right flank, the mission for artillery smoke does not change.