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Synonyms for canalization

the production of a canal or a conversion to canals


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management through specified channels of communication

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Mr Cooper does not appear to know a lot about the history or traditions of the River Dee or he would know that the boundary between my country (Wales) and England was protected by Acts of Parliament passed between 1700 and 1750 enabling the canalization of the river.
The uterovaginal canal forms and inserts into the urogenital sinus at Muller's tubercle, the ducts fuse, and internal canalization and septum resorption occur by 20 weeks' gestation.
Any compound capable of preventing the opening, canalization or growth of ocular neovascularization, such as anti- angiogenic agents, will be considered candidates for in-licensing or development.
The program will help finance drainage works in rural and urban areas, cleanup, canalization, and riverbank protection to prevent flooding, as well as rehabilitation of drainage ditches and sewerage systems, road improvements, repair and rebuilding of bridges, and the protection of schools and historic-archeological sites.
The stream canalization that so depressed Leopold is being rethought.
The situation looks even worse, when taking into consideration, that existing infrastructure is on average old, partially devastated and in many cases lacking basic amenities: running water or canalization.
The scope of works is to carry out dismantling works, replacement of windows and doors, construction of roof, internal and external finishing works, installation of ventilation and electrical systems, installation of water supply and canalization networks, territory development works,preliminary and final commissioning of thee social infrastructural projects situated in Varnita village (LOT 1), Dubasari town and Rascov village (LOT 2).
The environmental organization concentrated on a discussion of the building of a third international airport in ystanbul, a third intercontinental bridge and a canalization project.
Tarakai said the municipality had currently launched work on a canalization project and a 52-kilometre road in Herat City, the provincial capital.
First, the construction of roads, water system, atmospheric and decal canalization, and street lighting for the entire premises of the industrial zone, is envisaged.
The study requests the CDR to immediately start executing a waste-water canalization project for Sidon and its neighboring villages and recycle the gathered water at a station in the area of al-Darkaman.
It offers practical advice on flood control, dams and canalization, explores the principles of siphons and steam power, presents engineering designs for the snorkel and submarine, and even explains why the sky is blue.