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Synonyms for canalization

the production of a canal or a conversion to canals


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management through specified channels of communication

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Canalization is generally completed by 20 weeks' gestation.
The canalization itself, is defined as the utilization of nearside lane within the road for non-private car vehicle including, city bus, motorcycle, microbus (mikrolet), bicycle and man-drawn chariot if any.
In the patient just described, the likely diagnosis is imperforate hymen or transverse vaginal septum due to failed canalization of the vaginal plate.
. The program will help finance drainage works in rural and urban areas, cleanup, canalization, and riverbank protection to prevent flooding, as well as rehabilitation of drainage ditches and sewerage systems, road improvements, repair and rebuilding of bridges, and the protection of schools and historic-archeological sites.
One case in which this must happen is the evolution of canalization, defined here as the degree to which a phenotypic character is buffered against variation in the underlying developmental processes that construct it.
The stream canalization that so depressed Leopold is being rethought.
Kazakh archeologists also revealed many secrets of city one of them canalization system which was being used by the Otrar in the history.
The uterovaginal canal forms and inserts into the urogenital sinus at Muller's tubercle, the ducts fuse, and internal canalization and septum resorption occur by 20 weeks' gestation.
To examine the effects of canalization and plasticity in developmental parameters, we developed a heuristic model of eight possible combinations of juvenile developmental parameters (excluding the more complex cycles of aphids and parasites, and those involving larval diapause).
I am aware, of course, that there are weighty commercial reasons for the canalization of the larger rivers, but I also saw many a creek and rivulet laid out straight as a dead snake, and with masonry banks to boot.