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provide (a city) with a canal

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All mine water from Ahtme mine was pumped out and canalised into the Rausvere River and the Vasavere River (4 outputs).
But their aspirations could be canalised into a grant of effective autonomy.
GREAT CANAL JOURNEYS Channel 4, 8.00pm Timothy West and Prunella Scales embark on more adventures, beginning 14 miles west of Venice on the Brenta, a river that was first canalised in the 13th century.
River-like channels in the sand have also been blocked, and since 1969 a tidal flood protection dam has prevented the tide passing up the canalised Quenan river -- eliminating an erosive outflow (which removed sediment from the bay).
According to Ukay management, the building is not put up on a river but sits 10 metres from a canalised stream.
He goes on: "Rivers that have been dredged and canalised to protect farmland rush the water instead into the nearest town.
The spate capacity of lowland rivers is governed by the capacity at pinch points along the river, such as bridges or canalised sections or, in lower reaches, tide levels.
TRANQUIL: The Grade 1 listed gardens at Boughton Hall and the canalised River Ise.
Boris Johnson suggests that water should be canalised from Wales and Scotland to feed the parched systems around the capital and home counties.
The charm of the 'old' village is increased by the canalised brook that hastens down one side of the street.
The Barrow used to be a significant canalised waterway right up to the 1950s with important river ports at Athy, Carlow, Graigamanagh and New Ross.
According to the Ukay Mall management, the building is not put up on a river but sits 10 metres from a canalised stream.
Watercourses identified for habitat improvements for wildlife include Wallsend Burn, Lemington Gut, Briardene, Seaton Burn and Horton Burn, The trust has been working on 'renaturalised' riverbanks or 'bio-havens' in the canalised section of Wallsend Burn and the positioning of artificial nesting islands for birds on Lemington Gut.