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the production of a canal or a conversion to canals


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management through specified channels of communication

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L'interessante comparaison faite avec d'autres travaux et sites de canalisation tout au long de l'etude est egalement a mentionner.
Malltraeth marsh was reclaimed from estuarine marshes with the building of 1km-long Malltraeth Cob and the canalisation of Afon Cefni after 1812.
AaAaAa These projects, carried out by Morocco's drinking water utility (ONEP), include notably a 300 km water canalisation, 12 water tanks with a capacity of 1,200 m3 and five pumping stations.
NStar has already invested in innovative medical technology, injecting pounds 50,000 into Rothbury-based UK Haptics, which has developed a virtual reality system to train nurses in canalisation techniques.
Any compound capable of preventing the opening, canalisation or growth of ocular neovascularisation, such as anti-angiogenic agents, will be considered candidates for in-licensing or development.
SOME years ago flood defence work along the urban stretches of the River Ogmore left us with a lower risk of floods, but a somewhat unattractive canalisation of the river itself.
Contact point(s): Ville de Luxembourg service de la canalisation
Ministries of information and culture, defence and irrigation, the canalisation company, the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption and the Independent Environment Protection Organisation have so far spent less than seven percent of their development budgets.
The aid would be spent on the reconstruction and desilting of Baladawri, Gawhargan and Akhtcha canals in the province, a canalisation official in the northeastern zone told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Il s'agit des mesures relatives a la promotion de l'investissement, la canalisation des fonds informels et les circuits bancaires.
Fifteen of the 19 projects of Breshna Shirkat three of the Water Supply and Canalisation Department could not be funded, Kamal said.
Il est en outre question aussi d'accroEtre les capacites d'infrastructures de base de la region, d'installer deux nouvelles lignes de canalisation et de construire une cinquieme station de traitement du gaz naturel au Desert Occidental, et ce vu la probable forte augmentation de la production d'hydrocarbures de la region.
He said Kandahar dwellers' key demands were paved roads, streets, overhauled streams and an improved canalisation system.
Contract notice: Research on optimization parameters of the fairway and navigational facilities in the canalisation of waterways.
Provincial canalisation director Ziarat Gul, who inspected the damaged portions of the canal, said the system had been destroyed by the floods, endangering crops spread over large stretches of land in the district.