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a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants

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The inflammatory response observed in this study may have induced serous production similar to that of the tear or the presence of the adhesive in the lacrimal canaliculi stimulated the tearing reflex and, consequently, influenced the Schrimer's Test results observed.
The congenital defects of lacrimal apparatus are congenital absence of lacrimal gland, congenital fistula of lacrimal gland, atresia of the lacrimal punctum, atresia of the canaliculi, mucocele of the lacrimal sac but most common malformation is congenital blockage of nasolacrimal duct which may be complete or partial and is bilateral in 1/3 of cases.6 Same frequency of bilateral blockage was seen in our study.
Known causes of failure of DCR are obstruction of the common canaliculi, closure of osteotomy site, retained stent material and excessive scar formation within the rhinostomy.14,15 The failed cases were reopened, and it was found that the cause of failure was the closure of osteotomy by the granulation tissue.
Mature macrogamonts and zygotes were characterized by a huge number of amylopectin granules scattered in their cytoplasm together with less number of lipid vacuoles and numerous canaliculi. Wall-forming bodies 1 nearly disappeared but scarce number of wall-forming bodies 2 were still present (Figs.
Lacrimal fluid drains through the puncta into the lacrimal canaliculi and then into the lacrimal sac behind the medial canthal tendon.
Liver biopsy is unnecessary in suspected cases of ICP, but would show cholestatic changes such as dilated bile canaliculi, bile pigment in the parenchyma, and minimal inflammation.
Another mechanism leading to cholestasis is mediated by drugs that bind to actin filaments, resulting in disruption of the actin filaments situated around the bile canaliculi, thus preventing the normal pulsatile contractions that move bile through the canalicular system to the bile ducts (Cullen 2005).
The resulting WIF-B cell line expressed both alcohol dehydrogenase and cytochrome P450 2E1, maintained polarity, and formed functional bile canaliculi (Shanks et al.
When you synthesize bile juice, Canaliculi drain it And transport it to bile ducts, Never mixing with blood!
ALE was found to stimulate secretion of cholephilic compounds into the bile canaliculi that developing in primary hepatocyte cultures (Gebhardt and Ueberham, 1998).
Moderate pressure is applied over the medial canthal region with the finger and the common canaliculi is blocked so as to increase the hydrostatic pressure inside the sac.
Although numerous research teams have been using IPRL to measure clearances from sinusoids to bile canaliculi as well as from hepatocytes back to sinusoids, we are the first group that combines these kinetic parameters with the quantification of concentrations.
The transport of bile from hepatocytes to biliary canaliculi is via bile salt dependent and independent pathways [5].