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having thin parallel channels

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36 in number, spreading, coriaceous, forming a dense round rosette; sheaths inconspicuous but broader than the blades, very densely spinulose, inconspicuously and sparsely punctulate-lepidote, greenish-white toward the base; blades narrowly sublinear-triangular, long acuminate-caudate, 25-40 cm long, 1.3-1.5 cm wide at base, not at all canaliculate, ca.
78) dextral, up to 30 mm, thick, elongate and acute-conical, 7-14 whorls, apical whorls bearing 1-3 carinae; body whorl shouldered at outer periphery, striate below; aperture angulate, lacrimate, canaliculate (Harmen & Berg 1971); growth lines inconspicuous; subfossils usually fragmented, lack periostracum.
4 cm in diameter (including floral bracts); floral bracts narrowly subtriangularovate, apex acuminate, distinctly canaliculate, navicular, strongly recurved, slightly exceeding the petals, greenish-yellow toward base and yellow-green near the apex and margins, thin in texture, abaxially densely to subdensely white-lepidote, nerved, adaxially inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote to glabrous, 25-29 x 10-13 mm, the basal ones ecarinate, the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, margins subdensely to laxly spinose, spines narrowly triangular to acicular, prevailing retrorse, uncinate, pale yellowish-castaneous, 0.5-1.5 mm long, 2-5 mm apart.
Both the channeled apple snail Pomacea canaliculate and the island apple snail Pomacea maculata have been reported in the United States.
12, green, suberect, laxly rosulate, thinly subchartaceous, forming a narrow funnelform rosette; sheaths narrowly elliptic, 8-10.5 x 3.2-4.5 cm, subdensely and inconspicuously brown-lepidote; blades sublinear-lanceolate, distinctly narrowed toward the base, canaliculate and bearing a slightly thicker median channel toward the base, 17- 32 x 2.5-3 cm, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote on both sides to glabrescent, green, bearing inconspicuous, darker green, irregular transverse lines visible by transmitted light, sometimes ornamented by slightly darker green, irregular apex acuminate and finely apiculate, slightly recurved, margins laxly to subdensely spinose toward the base, spines less than 0.5 mm long, 5-11 mm apart, and densely spinulose near the apex, spines 2-5 mm apart.