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having thin parallel channels

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Both the channeled apple snail Pomacea canaliculate and the island apple snail Pomacea maculata have been reported in the United States.
canaliculate, sericeous (5-12- celled trichomes), glandular on the nodes; internodes 0.
4 cm in diameter (including floral bracts); floral bracts narrowly subtriangularovate, apex acuminate, distinctly canaliculate, navicular, strongly recurved, slightly exceeding the petals, greenish-yellow toward base and yellow-green near the apex and margins, thin in texture, abaxially densely to subdensely white-lepidote, nerved, adaxially inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote to glabrous, 25-29 x 10-13 mm, the basal ones ecarinate, the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, margins subdensely to laxly spinose, spines narrowly triangular to acicular, prevailing retrorse, uncinate, pale yellowish-castaneous, 0.
5 cm, subdensely and inconspicuously brown-lepidote; blades sublinear-lanceolate, distinctly narrowed toward the base, canaliculate and bearing a slightly thicker median channel toward the base, 17- 32 x 2.
Leaves petiolate, glaucous on both surfaces, dark green above, dull and paler below, in sicco greenish- or yellowish-brown above, yellowish-brown to dark reddish-brown below, producing a ciliate fracture when broken perpendicular to the midvein; petioles flattened or slightly canaliculate above, 5-8 mm long, 3-5 mm wide; lamina obovate-elliptic, occasionally somewhat asymmetrical, (12-) 14-18 cm long, 4.
5 cm, distinctly nerved mainly adaxially, thin in texture, canaliculate toward the base, green, sparsely and inconspicuously pale lepidote near the apex adaxially to glabrous, margins entire.
8 cm, coriaceous but not at all succulent, strongly canaliculate toward the base with a broad U-shaped channel mainly under water stress, without any distinct thicker median zone, green to bronze colored, upper and lower sides contrasting, abaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote, nerved, adaxially glabrous and sparsely nerved, margins straight, laxly spinose, spines 1.
5 x 4-5 cm; blades sublinear, nearly flat near the base, canaliculate and obtusely carinate abaxially at middle, and subulate toward the apex, suberect to nearly erect, 10-12 cm long, ca.
15 x 10 cm, dark castaneous and minutely brow-lepidote on both sides; blades subligulate, canaliculate, 30-32 x 4-5 cm, yellowish-green, minutely white-lepidote on both sides, densely purple spotted throughout apex apiculate.