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having thin parallel channels

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5-5 cm in diameter (including floral bracts), floral bracts narrowly ovate, apex acuminate, distinctly canaliculate, navicular, ecarinate, strongly recurved, exceeding the sepals, yellowish-green to orange (when fully exposed), thin in texture, inconspicuously and sparsely white-lepidote near the base to glabrous, glabrous toward the apex, nerved abaxially, 25-35 x 11-15 mm, densely spinose, spines narrowly triangular, the basal ones retrorse the median to apical ones antrorse, uncinate, greenish except for the pale castaneous apex, 0.
minutum the general slimmer appearance, the narrower leaf blades which are canaliculate and distinctly narrowed toward the base, and the usually bipinnate and apically substellate inflorescence.
5 cm, distinctly nerved mainly adaxially, thin in texture, canaliculate toward the base, green, sparsely and inconspicuously pale lepidote near the apex adaxially to glabrous, margins entire.
8 cm, coriaceous but not at all succulent, strongly canaliculate toward the base with a broad U-shaped channel mainly under water stress, without any distinct thicker median zone, green to bronze colored, upper and lower sides contrasting, abaxially densely and coarsely white-lepidote, nerved, adaxially glabrous and sparsely nerved, margins straight, laxly spinose, spines 1.
5 x 4-5 cm; blades sublinear, nearly flat near the base, canaliculate and obtusely carinate abaxially at middle, and subulate toward the apex, suberect to nearly erect, 10-12 cm long, ca.
15 x 10 cm, dark castaneous and minutely brow-lepidote on both sides; blades subligulate, canaliculate, 30-32 x 4-5 cm, yellowish-green, minutely white-lepidote on both sides, densely purple spotted throughout apex apiculate.
5 cm (not including the primary bracts), fascicles densely arranged, rachis not visible; primary bracts spreading or nearly so, many times longer than the fascicles but reduced in size toward the inflorescence apex, canaliculate, the basal ones foliaceous to subfoliaceous and resembling the scape bracts, the upper ones with a broadly ovate sheath and a long, narrowly subtriangular to sublinear-caudate or nearly subulate pungent blade, 5-26 x 1.