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a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals

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On Twitter, Evesham police wrote: "Police @HWFIREEVESHAM committed at river following a canal boat colliding with a vehicle submerged in the Avon at the rear of Cleeve Prior.
This year's festival is the 29th, and takes place at Powis Castle Showfield on July 15-17, with an extensive line-up of up-and-coming Country performers, and a range of activities including Traditional Westerners Charge and Fast Draw contests, and even a free canal boat trip
A spokesman for Fisher German told the Telegraph that no building on the site could be occupied until the canal boat complex was completed.
We just cut the canal boat ropes and went full speed over to them.
A senior director of a canal boat company has today (14 March 2014) been ordered to pay Au3,600 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to operating passenger vessels in North Yorkshire without valid passenger certificates.
Also, canal boat speed was limited, since the water's wake from the boats and the dragging of its tow lines would cause the banks of the canal to slide in and partially fill the canal.
The project involves members of the Birmingham-based Ikon Youth Programme (IYP) who produce, present and promote their own work and that of other artists onboard a converted 72ft canal boat.
Travel Business Review-May 28, 2012--Avoid Road Traffic with Canal Boat Travel to 2012 Games(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Start your canal boat holiday on the Llangollen's English side and your journey carries you through lush green countryside against a backdrop of purple Welsh hills rising in the distance.
The canal boat, named The Floating Grace, will play host to networking events, parties, meetings and conferences.
Granted, we are on a canal boat and full speed is 4mph and rush hour just means there is another boat on the canal.
uk) at their Falkirk hire base and, after canal boat veteran David talked us through the dos and don'ts we set off to the impressive Falkirk Wheel.
We move between a 1960s London and a London at the end of the twentieth century where Tupac and Biggie have made their exits and Lucas is wondering about his own identity, living with his sister on their canal boat in Ladbroke Grove.
I have a similar comment on a story on the next page with its "zero-emission hydrogen hybrid canal boat"--not when one considers the emissions required to extract, refine, compress, ship and store the hydrogen on which the canal boat relies.
Caption: Canal boat builders, fitters and owners have long used bitumen-based paints for protecting and waterproofing steel hulls, the tradition dating back over 7000 years to when tribes in Mesopotamia used naturally welling pitch for caulking their reed boats.