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Synonyms for abide

Synonyms for abide

to continue to be in a place

to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

to have as one's domicile, usually for an extended period

abide by: to act in conformity with

Synonyms for abide

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7THE 7 THE super-intelligent Belgian crime expert is usually accompanied on cases by his long-suffering friend Captain Hastings and ably aided by his formidable personal secretary Miss Lemon | Peter Ustinov played Poirot on several occasions | Peter Ustinov played Poirot on several occasions 1Poirot 1 POIROT can't abide being or feeling untidy.
The Houston Chronicle, however, has editorialized that janitors insurance policies might give "companies an incentive to neglect worker safety" ("Can't Abide" 2002, A34).
A feature on Latinos, who now make up the largest non-white ethnic group in the U.S., does not shy away from identifying the structural barriers to their social advancement, even quoting a bigoted woman who can't abide hearing recorded messages in Spanish.
Since smaller companies often don't have alcohol policies in place, they attract people who can't abide by such rules.
"Americans can't abide slowness," says David Shi, president of Furman University in Greenville, S.C., and a cultural historian, reports the Washington Post.
It's possible, of course, that teaching hospitals would claim they can't abide by the rules without more money.
But Schiavo, like Ralph Nader, just can't abide this kind of analysis.
He believes public health officials should take into account the fact that some people can't abide the taste of certain foods.
| LOVE Island is back on the telly and I can't abide it.
Carr joked: "Why don't What I really can't abide is being told: "Do as I say, not as I do."
"I can't abide a spectacle that degrades women and threatens to undermine the progress of women in sport in Australia," she added( ANI )
"I can't abide people like that, I don't know why he wants to take on the world every week.
GROWN-UP GOODIES - Ultimate Advent Calendar (pounds 15, from hotelchocolat.co.uk It's good to see that there is a real alternative for connoisseurs of chocolate who can't abide those sickly offerings associated with many calendars.