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small shrubby African tree with hard wood used as a dyewood yielding a red dye

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GPS tracking system to children employments a lightweight following gadget that camwood appends to a rucksack alternately cut into jeans.
Central to Camwood's consulting service is its SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) and Business Value Planning Services (BVPS).
Control of yam tuber (Dioscorea rotundata) rot agent Sclerotium rolfsii with Camwood (Baphida nitida Lodd) sawdust extrat.
ConverterTechnology, a provider of Microsoft Office deployment and migration projects, has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Camwood, an application migration consultancy.
grave, and reddish camwood powder signaling transition and
Camwood, a specialist in application migration, is launching Applications Compatibility Manager (ACM), a software solution aimed at reducing the time and costs associated with resolving the compatibility issues associated with migrating to Windows Vista.
Songs in Gelede are sung promoting fertility--`The barren shall dip her hands in camwood oil' (p.
Camwood powder, copper ingots (used as money), knives, iron, salt, and canoes were produced in this region.
Did the preener of that election dress his ugliness with face powder and anoint himself with camwood without taking a bath?
7 January 2015 - US-based mergers and acquisitions advisor Generational Equity said that its client, Lone Star Manufacturing, LLC has been acquired by Texas Contract Manufacturing Group, Inc., a Camwood Capital Group portfolio company.
In all these circumstances and other ritual contexts kula (red substance like clay or camwood paste) is/used to be applied to the skin: red on the left side of the body, white kaolin (lupemba--see footnote 2l) on the right (this gloss is adapted from Filip De Boeck, private communication, 2010).
It also goes by the commercial names camwood, corail and barwood.
In the Tiv culture, oracles are represented with emblems symbolized with a small cooking pot filled with ashes, camwood and two sorts of leaves.
The healer finally rubs all present on the forehead with camwood, and each drinks wine from his cup and licks medicine that is given out onto the left hand.