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small shrubby African tree with hard wood used as a dyewood yielding a red dye

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GPS tracking system to children employments a lightweight following gadget that camwood appends to a rucksack alternately cut into jeans.
Following a rigorous, systematic process Camwood can help customers harness SharePoint 2010 to manage and access both structured and unstructured data, ultimately providing them with the ability to empower decision makers, improve organisational effectiveness, and enable IT efficiency.
Frank Foxall, CEO of Camwood Limited commented: "With Microsoft's backing, Camwood is positioned as a leading SharePoint strategist, helping organisations work out the functionality they need based on the specific challenges they face and then building a business case which can be shared with the management team.
Control of yam tuber (Dioscorea rotundata) rot agent Sclerotium rolfsii with Camwood (Baphida nitida Lodd) sawdust extrat.
Under the terms of the agreement Camwood will be using ConverterTechnology's new OfficeConverter 2007 software solution as part of its end-to-end consultancy and deployment offerings.
grave, and reddish camwood powder signaling transition and
Camwood, a specialist in application migration, is launching Applications Compatibility Manager (ACM), a software solution aimed at reducing the time and costs associated with resolving the compatibility issues associated with migrating to Windows Vista.
Songs in Gelede are sung promoting fertility--`The barren shall dip her hands in camwood oil' (p.
Camwood powder, copper ingots (used as money), knives, iron, salt, and canoes were produced in this region.
AppDNA was spun off last January from Camwood, the leading UK software and consulting company, and AppTitude draws from Camwood's experience working with the application migration challenges of consulting projects with over 100 large corporations supporting some 50,000 applications.
Collected Plays II), Before the Blackout and Camwood on the Leaves (Play), and Camwood on the Leaves (Play)
In all these circumstances and other ritual contexts kula (red substance like clay or camwood paste) is/used to be applied to the skin: red on the left side of the body, white kaolin (lupemba--see footnote 2l) on the right (this gloss is adapted from Filip De Boeck, private communication, 2010).
It also goes by the commercial names camwood, corail and barwood.
Syfert observed "Liberians became so extensively involved in local trade, exchanging imported manufactures for rice, palm oil, camwood, and other commodities destined for export, that historians have labeled many of them 'merchant princess'" (1977:217).
The healer finally rubs all present on the forehead with camwood, and each drinks wine from his cup and licks medicine that is given out onto the left hand.