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has cams attached to it

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However, compared to the configuration with the Miller camshaft, the sweet-spot area is reduced and the full load ISFCs increased.
Figure 3 shows a schematic of a cam of camshaft [7, 8, 9].
Although the vehicle ups the torque by exchanging the camshaft only, it will be able to get more power if you adjusts the ECU data to your vehicle.
By using a four-lobe camshaft to lift the exhaust valve, the gearing was 8-to-1, thereby attaching a 20-inch disc wheel directly to the camshaft.
Imported between October 1995 and April 1998, the vehicles could see their engines damaged due to defective screw bolts and washers to fix front camshaft gears, Autotrading said in a report to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
The patented, forged camshaft and oiling system are similar to those on an automobile.
It transmits dynamic messages upward from a carefully designed camshaft buried in the block to a pivoted rocker atop the engine's cylinder head.
The Quick-Access keyless cam lock allows OEMs to supercede unreliable keyless or key-based mechanical locks by incorporating a camshaft for enclosure doors.
Mechanically identical to the previous model, the restyled newcomer is powered by a twin overhead camshaft 1.
The benefit to Pontiac was the ability to improve engine performance through valve train changes that required significantly improved cam lobe Hertz stress capability without having to purchase a new camshaft machining line.
A few days earlier, researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina had revealed an inexpensive new camshaft that can be fit into existing auto assembly lines, and that enables auto engines to run on 20 percent less fuel.
BrandZoom: Camshafts is an automotive market research report of enthusiasts' opinions on 16 leading camshaft brands.
Auto Business News-March 11, 2015--Koenigsegg to produce engine without camshaft
But Steven, 30, whose Meriva had done just 30,000 miles when the camshaft failed, has been offered just 10 per cent.