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a field on which the buildings of a university are situated

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The HEC had allowed these sub-campuses to enroll not more than 50 students in each department, nonetheless, the campuses, in violation of the university rules and HEC recommendations, made excessive admissions in every single department and neither reconciled the admission data with the university nor paid the university share.
It allows people with concealed handgun licenses to carry their weapons inside buildings on the campuses of public universities.
Bills in Mississippi and Wisconsin passed, and an appeals court decision in Oregon greatly reduces the regulation of guns on campuses.
Community colleges serve the needs of inhabitants surrounding their campuses. Closing the Gaps enables nontraditional students to attend institutions of higher education through financial aid and grant programs.
A handful of colleges have lured smaller companies to their campuses, and even divisions of larger companies like IBM, BMW and ERC, but nothing of the magnitude of Express Scripts, which ranks No.
The challenge was to create a plan, which reflected and acknowledged the diversity among SUNY's 64 campuses (Francis 338).
While individual campuses may be served by just one or two staff members, the membership rolls of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association count men and women in nearly equal number.
College athletic recruiting was instituted in the late 1890s with the advent of student-directed athletic clubs on campuses throughout the country.
Robert Nash, in his book Religious Pluralism in the Academy, sees a profound need for religious conversation in American universities: "My somewhat dramatic contention is that religious pluralism, if left unattended, is a phenomenon that in the future will threaten to divide students, faculty, and administrators in a way that makes all other campus divisions look tame by comparison." (2) Nash is concerned that campuses could be fragmented and Balkanized by religious groups if they do not have opportunities to come together for open dialogue in intentionally designated multifaith dialogue spaces.
The resulting dearth of individual liberties on campuses would have seemed impossible to college students of 25 years ago.
Line up facilities and necessary "scenery": Participating campuses will need 12-15 classrooms for about 10 hours each.
Envisioned by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop to provide Hawaiian youth with an education based on Christian values, Kamehameha Schools reached a major milestone in its mission when its Maui and Hawai'i campuses opened in 1996.
For example, students' perceptions of alcohol and drug use on college campuses have been associated with the student's own behavior (Page, et al., 1999; Perkins et al., 1999).
It reports on a study of the effects of the Clery Act on law enforcement on college and university campuses, how institutions are distributing the mandatory reports on campus crime, and whether the Act has had any impact on reducing campus crime.