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a field on which the buildings of a university are situated

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Campus's deputy registrar Yar Mohammad Khan, coordinator Dr Hakim Khan and other university officials and students were present on the occasion.
By jointly implementing the first Belgian 5G Life Campus, Ericsson and Corda Campus aim to provide industry players with a test environment to develop and trial new applications using the latest technologies for the next generation of mobility, potentially years ahead of the expected commercial launch of 5G in Belgium.
"Regardless of where our faculty, staff and students stand on the issue, we do know that they care deeply about the safety of our campus," Starr said.
This tribe was active on the site that is now the CI campus and used Round Mountain, immediately to the west of the campus, as sacred ground for its summer solstice ceremony.
* Canadian Valley Technology Center Czech Hall Rd Campus
Mississippi now allows those who have taken a firearm safety course from a certified instructor to carry a gun on campus. Because the law is being disputed, colleges currently are upholding their bans until the legal issues are resolved.
The administration relocated more than 400 veterans to the Washington campus within 72 hours, and most of the Gulfport residents still reside on the Washington campus.
The university designated a site for the new building that was thought to be the last buildable area in this part of the campus. However, when Holl began work on the project in 1999, design studies showed the difficulty of creating the desired campus connections on the designated site, and they proposed a move to a nearby neglected piece of ground defined by a pond and the overgrown rock face of a former quarry.
Express Scripts, a leading manager of pharmacy benefits plans, is relocating its 360,000 s/f corporate headquarters on the campus of the University of Missouri-St.
Neither plan dictates how the outcomes are obtained; rather, assessment is handled at the campus level.
Still, he managed to get involved in FYSH, a small faith-sharing group organized by the Catholic campus ministry for first-year students.
Students at Minnesota's Winona State University need to be on their toes about the trees that grace their Winona campus. At least when senior groundskeeper and horticulturist--and now published author--Bill Meyer is around.
Contact: Any time a coach has face-to-face contact with the athlete or his parents off the college campus and says more than hello.
Five years ago, several historically black colleges and universities invested heavily to wire their campus networks.
Strictly speaking, one needed just eighteen minutes to see all of Peter Campus's recent exhibition at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, which contained six looped digital videos lasting less than three minutes each.
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