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a folding stool

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At others I would find him on the campstool, sitting in his gray sleeping suit and with his cropped dark hair like a patient, unmoved convict.
He walks off to starboard, and sits under the dodger on a little campstool of his, and for half an hour perhaps he makes no sound, except that I heard him sneeze once.
It also would improve the transportation network around the business and industrial parks along the Campstool Road and Interstate 80 corridor.
Dorothy, already in her 70s, is sitting serenely, almost regally, on a campstool, framed by guns and clubs hanging on the belts of two cops ready to take her into custody.
On December 21st he writes of "the blowing up of the tottering ruins very great in its way and the pulling down of others with chains cables to the tune of a boatswain's whistle and by the arms of a hundred seamen," and again mentions James Hall, who in his "omnipresence" worked with great energy, "accommodated with a little campstool and making sketches among smouldering ruins and kindling ruins.
JOURNAL ENTRY--APRIL 15, 2003--"As I sat down on my campstool I knew I would only have time to quickly down an MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) before returning to the chaotic pace of the war.
The precise significance of four firearms stacked against the campstool is unknown.