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a folding stool

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JOURNAL ENTRY--APRIL 15, 2003--"As I sat down on my campstool I knew I would only have time to quickly down an MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) before returning to the chaotic pace of the war.
The precise significance of four firearms stacked against the campstool is unknown.
12, 13) and the Campstool Fresco from Knossos (see below, Fig.
To associate these two fragments with the Campstool Fresco, details of which are shown here (Fig.
In a recent study of Aegean painting, Shaw includes the Campstool Fresco in the category of feasting scenes, but there is no direct evidence that these fragments illustrate a feast.
147) Associations of the chalice and the goblet conform to their co-occurrence on the Campstool Fresco and to the terracotta figure from Amyklai, as well as illustrations mentioned earlier.
It also would improve the transportation network around the business and industrial parks along the Campstool Road and Interstate 80 corridor.
in the Knossos Campstool Fresco, whether or not its fragments are arranged as in Evans's reconstruction.
A good comparison is the Campstool Fresco from Knossos: Cameron 1987; Immerwahr 1990, pp.
Chief Inspector James Dillon, the officer in charge of the parade, issued an order forbidding the public from using "boxes, barrels, chairs, campstools or settees of any kind" while watching the parade.
Perhaps his ill-luck was payback for the little boy Edward had procured as guide for the ladies: "Mamma picked up an old woman who was a much better & more intelligent guide--our boy scarcely seemed to have two ideas in his head, but at least he did to carry the cloaks & campstools & we tried to make the most of our time in drawing.