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a native village in Malaysia


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Annaway, commander of the Regional Mobile Force Battalion (RMFB), (1005 Maneuver Campany) 10, intercepted two vehicles transporting relief goods with DSWD marked without any pertinent documents supporting their operation at barangay Campong, around seven in the morning, April 13.
It might also be noted that in general he used the term 'campong' [kampong] for most of the settlements he visited--as John Walker has suggested, many of these may have been longhouse settlements.
(17) Dhiravat Pombejra, Court, Company, and Campong: Essays on the VOC Presence in Ayutthaya (Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya: Ayutthaya Historical Study Center, 1992), 27.
(5.) See, for example, Dhiravat na Pombejra, Court, company and campong. Essays on the VOC presence in Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya: Ayutthaya Historical Studies Centre, 1992).
Entering Doramin's campong, Jim marches proudly with "measured steps" as if he were a general defeated honorably in battle or a deposed monarch bravely facing his execution (245).
Earlier in the text he referred to Caljong Campong, as west of Banjarmasin (Valentyn 1726:238239), and this is where "Caljong Cajpamp" (sic) is shown on the map; the relevant part is shown in Fig.
This river system has made it very convenient for the chiefs of the country to obtain their dues; for no sampan or prau goes up or down the river without being squeezed by the followers of the chief, whose boats are ready at the campong at which the lord resides.
Killed were Artemio Buscato Campong of Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, Jojo Digos, 48 and Dodong Garcia 53, both residents of Lebak.