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large evergreen tree of warm regions whose aromatic wood yields camphor

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The kitchens of Chinese restaurant Lazhu pay homage to Jiangxi province, the original home of Amanyangyun's camphor trees and Antique Villas, and headed up by the Executive Chef of the resort, Steve Miao, who was born and raised in Shanghai.
The ancient houses joined the rescued camphor trees on a long journey, via a fleet of flat-bed trucks, to Shanghai, where they would later be resurrected in the form of Amanyangyun.
2009a) and the fungus has been recovered from camphor tree, Cinnamomum camphora Presl, pondberry, Lindera melissifolia (Walter) Blume, and pondspice, Litsea aestiva lis (L.
Both my neighbor and I have 8-year-old camphor trees with leaves that are always falling off and branches that turn black on the ends,'' Breit wrote.
Camphor trees are native to areas of China and Japan where the soil is sandy and the rainfall significant.
Calamenene and cadinene were previously reported in the literature in redbay (Hanula & Sullivan 2008) and b-caryophyllene was previously reported in seeds and leaves of camphor trees (Yong & Wenyi 2002; Zhu & Guo 2010).
Other Lauraceae susceptible to laurel wilt disease include silkbay (Persea humilis Nash), sassafras [Sassafras albidum (Nuttall) Nees], camphor tree [Cinnamomum camphora (L.
On Wednesday, the lively crowd of 25 kids, ages 5-13, toiled in the hot sun, digging holes for five camphor trees and adding to the dozen-or-so saplings that dot the small community park.
American Wholesale Nurseries donated the five camphor trees.
Now, the trunks of these camphor trees are smooth, straight and green, but in a few years' time, they will become deeply furrowed, develop a sculptured branching structure, and turn dark gray in color.
That distinction goes to the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora), which grows in Japan, China and Taiwan and the Borneo and Sabah camphorwood from various species of Dryobalanos.