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Synonyms for campestral

of or relating to the countryside

Words related to campestral

of fields or open country

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167) takes Arion/Sceve suddenly from his maritime setting to a campestral locus, highlighted by various mentions of flora and fauna.
Putnam as Sannazaro's "Piscatory Eclogues" (102-41), these five compositions (and various fragments) shift the traditional rustic setting of the Virgilian pastoral from the campestral to the Bay of Naples, where the lamenting shepherds become fishermen.
Lorenzo's death in this campestral setting reveals Pasolini's ideological intent, for it bespeaks a willful annihilation of poor southern or subproletarian populations in Italy.
Previous cases of BHF occurred following rodent invasion of households in towns and exposure during campestral activities, including sleeping in primitive shelters [9].
lStoute does better when Campestral (Paul d'Arcy) wins the juvenile fillies' maiden from Gravette (Henry Cecil/Willie Ryan).