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someone living temporarily in a tent or lodge for recreation

a recreational vehicle equipped for camping out while traveling

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When you give a camper options, it allows them to feel in control of the situation.
It is critical that the counselor takes time to explain to the camper that while they are at the activity together, they will probably all have a great time, but that in all likelihood the one or two kids she goes on the play-date with will go right back to their other cabin friends once they return from their time together.
Of the 512 campers that attend camp each summer, about 97 percent are children who belong to ethnic minorities (63 percent Hispanic and around 34 percent African American).
"The people, the land, and the philosophy have shaped my life, and I try each and every day to spread those ideals to others." (camper, Liberty, South Carolina).
The following seven enrollment differences addressed: session length; percent of returning campers; the amount of financial support given by the camp; the degree of decrease in overall camper enrollment; and the degree of decrease in lower enrollments for boys, girls, teens, and returning campers.
Here is a great opportunity for a counselor observing these interactions to think about doing something fun with that excluded camper at a later date--hanging out with or doing some activity with the camper to show others that he/she has social worth.
Campers may become impatient with each other and minor confrontations will occur.
Whether through a precamp phone call, a new camper/returning camper buddy system, or other mechanism, camps must design a program wherein new campers feel immediately connected to their peers and surrogate caregivers.
Camp is an ideal environment for older campers and younger staff to get their first real experiences with responsibility and develop new interests--while dealing with the normal challenges of "growing up." Not all challenges are normal, however, and any problems young people have are likely to follow them to camp.
Running a quality operation includes dealing fairly with campers and their families, and reasonable management of the risks of the experience--including the risk of losses to both the camper and camp.
Pursue strategies that will increase the likelihood of their program delivering the top five camper benefits.
* Assist you in deciding if you have space for a camper to register based on the bus availability.
The effects of overeating and under-exercising are staggering, but camps have a role to play in addressing this public health problem and in encouraging healthy eating and active living among campers and staff.
Focus on the camper. When a camper is upset, he should be the focus of the counselor's attention.