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shaped like a bell or campana

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Calyx gamosepalous, campanulate, tubular, spathaceous or urceolate, apex spatulate, bilabiate, truncate or 2-5-lobed, aestivation imbricate, with or without patelliform nectaries.
Both groups share a following number of common features: (1) head vertical, with horizontal vertex located at right angle to flat and vertical frons, vertex usually with clear longitudinal depression, epistomal suture never depressed in contrast to eccritotarsines with vertical head; (2) antenna longer than body length; (3) pronotum campanulate, with flat pronotal collar, posteriorly delimited by shallow depression extending directly to propleural suture at sides; (4) parempodia flattened, apically spatulate.
Very large campanulate monopetalous corolla: at the lower end of a very long curving tube a voluminous protuberance contains a very abundant nectar.
Flowers 1-5 on each stem, axillary as well as terminal, on 1-3 cm long pedicels, campanulate, showy, 3-5 cm long.
Because the number of cells in a comb is proportional to the comb's area, while the comb's diameter increases as the square root of its area, the constant absolute increase in cell number from comb to comb gives the nest a campanulate shape (Fig.
Once through the makeshift wooden gatehouse through the City wall behind the Tower (a portal inhabited, according to the disapproving John Stowe, by 'persons of lewde life', like the entrance to the Bower of Bliss in the Second Book of The Faerie Queene) Spenser hurried schoolward, diminutive in the dawn that etched upon his vision wharves, sails (three-masters below London Bridge), steeples, church-towers castellated and campanulate, alleys and sudden water-gates, and the belfries of the 107 parish-churches, many of whose names, at once droll and circumstantial, he knew as well as he did their distinguishing chimes.
Five corolla shapes (tubular, slender tubular, tubular-funnel, campanulate and urceolate forms (Fig.
No--UENF Procedence Fruit type Plant growth habit 1616 Vicosa - MG lady's finger Intermediate 1624 Campos - RJ lady's finger Erect 1629 Campos - RJ lady's finger Intermediate 1639 Commercial company cambuci Intermediate 1732 Campos - RJ cambuci Intermediate No--UENF Fruit Fruit Shape Resistance Color to PepYMV 1616 Orange Elongate - 1624 Red Elongate + 1629 Red Elongate - 1639 Red Campanulate - 1732 Red Campanulate + (1/) (-) = susceptible to PepYMV; (+) resistant to PepYMV.
If a flower is campanulate, what is it shaped like?
Pileus 2.1 cm wide, fleshy, campanulate when young to broadly plano-convex when mature, umbonate, central umbo, orange-brown to pinkish brown, fibrillose; fibrils orange brown, fine, stretches towards margins, uniformly distributed over white ground around orange brown umbo; context white, soft, slightly thick at disc, margins dentate and fragile; remains unchanging on bruising or cut.
Close morphological study revealed that both flower perianths, staminate (campanulate) and pistillate (urceollate), as well the inflorescences in headlike cymes, show affinity with Pisonia.
Thorax: Pronotum: Campanulate, weakly biconvex, width of callosite region slightly greater than posterior lobe (Fig.